Friday, April 01, 2011

A Dedication to Beauty

Our Beauty at 1 year old
This is a weekend that is dedicated to a very special lady.
She came into this life on April 3, 1925.
Her singing career began at the age of 15 and what a career it was.
She has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom the same year of the death of her son.

We will begin this dedication by citing a few quotes from this lady:

"If it's true that men are such beasts, this must account for the fact that most women are animal lovers.”

“Wrinkles are hereditary. Parents get them from their children.”

“The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it.”

"Vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit.... "

Can you name this beauty?


BB-Idaho said...

Just a guess ..

The Griper said...

ahhhh, a scientist who admits to using guesses. now that is a new one on me, sure tell me more fibs, BB. :)

well. i guess i need to make my riddles a little harder to get by you, old friend. LOL.

BB-Idaho said...

As we recall, it was Azimov who noted, "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'Hmm,
That's funny...'
So, I have many funny tales of science; one time,
the engineering dept asked for a 'more sensitive' percussion primer, apparently folks were filing their firing pins, shortening springs and other stuff shooters like to do to achieve a hair trigger effect.
I gave all the usual excuses, "Hey, there are
at least 12 parameters affecting primer sensitivity, how about you engineers optimizing those?"
"the primers meet all specifications, if buyers
fiddle with their weapons, its their own fault" etc.
But, they were adamant.
In the interest of safety,
I won't mention the chemicals, but I picked an
obscure explosive known to detonate upon contact with a feather. Being a cautious type of fellow with a keen sense of self
preservation, I decided that even gram amounts would be hazardous, so I
developed an 'in situ' method..a harmless precursor placed in the empty primer and 0.25%
solution of an oxidizer salt; the stuff reacted right in the primer. Dried them in a lab oven, tested a few and turned the lot over to the eager engineers. The results were not encouraging, "BB,
most of those rounds fired when we tried to chamber them!" I replied in Azimov fashion, Hmm, that's funny...

The Griper said...

well, it did achieve its purpose. what is faster than a hair trigger effect other than firing before the trigger is used? :)

Lista said...

Not all Men are Beasts; Only some of them and the Idiots that Love them Eventually Get Over it.

Seane-Anna said...

Hi, G! Thanks for the birthday shout out. And I can't name the beauty who said the quotes in this post, but the quotes themselves are hilarious, mostly because they're so true. But I do take slight issue with the first one. It's sexist.

If men really are "such beasts", it must be said that a heck of a lot of women are total bitches, making men animal lovers, too. Gotta have that gender equity.

The Griper said...

i think she'd smile at your side of it Sean-anna.

my favorite was the third one. the first thought i had is;

the really frightening thing about old age is the knowledge that you can never grow out of it.

Lista said...

Well, that's True and I guess I was being a Bit Sexist too. I could have just as Easily said that...

"Not all Women are Beasts; Only some of them, and the Idiots that Love them Eventually Get Over it."

Griper Makes Strange Statements Once in Awhile, though, such as that he does not Believe in Equality and, In Fact, he has even Told me that he does not Believe in Fairness and Equity is Based on Fairness. All I've been Trying to do when I Comment on his Posts is to get him to be Consistent and Honest about what he Actually Believes. In my Opinion, the Very Fact that he did not Correct you when you Mentioned Equity and tell you that he does not Believe in that is a Deception, for Lack of Information can be just as Deceptive as Incorrect Information.

Sometimes it is Really Hard to Accurately Perceive who is the Animal Lover and who is the Beast, for sometimes Things are not as they Seem.

Griper can Correct me if I have Misunderstood him, yet in my Opinion, I Misunderstand him Often because he does not Speak Clearly.

The Griper said...

i have never said i did not believe in equity especially if it is being used to denote impartiality as i saw her using it.

so there was no reason to correct her as far as i was concerned.

besides, she was commenting on words that someone else said not on my words.

and the only time i don't believe in fairness is when it is being used as a synonym for equality as you so often use it.

Lista said...

You Said that you do not Believe in Equality and you also Told me Once that you do not Believe that Things Need to be Fair. The Words Equity and Impartiality are Similar. How can you be Impartial and yet not Fair? And how can you be Unfair without being partial? You Can't. Even if it has to do with Husbands and Wives, when the Husband is Unfair, he is Being Partial to Himself and Any Time that he is not Partial to himself, he is being Fair.

"Besides, she was commenting on words that someone else said not on my words."

It doesn't Matter. You still Need to be Honest about what it is that you Believe.

When you Separate the Word "Equality" from Words such as Equity, Partiality and Fairness, I no Longer Understand how you are Defining it. Even Using Words in Confusing, Non-Traditional Ways can be Misleading and Therefore, Deceptive. In Short, you are a Very Poor Communicator and Contribute to Confusion.

People who are Treated Impartially are Treated Fairly. People who are Treated Partially are not Treated Fairly. Equality of Treatment is the Same as Fairness. If you Mean Something Other than this, then Once again you have Used a Word in a Way that I can not Relate to and since I can not Relate to your Definition, you have Once Again Misunderstood what I Meant in the Use of my Words.

Not Only that, but I Really do Believe that the Context of the "Fairness" Discussion was in Relation to Fair Treatment and you Simply Can Not Treat Someone Unfairly without being Partial to Someone or to Oneself.

I don't Know if you Realize it, Griper, but you Use Words all the Time in a Way that will Justify Selfishness.


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