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A Dedication to Beauty (2)

14 comments: said...

hey there griper.. i am switching to a new me. i have changed my e-mail and blog...

Lista said...

I've Never Been Good at Trivia and I just don't Know the Names of as many Actors and Actresses as Most People do. This One I do Very Much Recognize, but if I can't Come up with the Name of a Movie that she's in, then I'm Out of Luck. I Think, though, that she is the one Who Stared with Fred MacMurray in "The Absent Minded Professor" and "Son of Flubber", that's Nancy Olson, but I'm not Positive that that's her.

Lista said...

Oh for Pete's Sake. That's Dorris Day.

The Griper said...

he grins, yup that is Doris Day, lista. i gave everyone the biggest of hints by featuring her in my videos this weekend.

Lista said...

Well, I'm Sure there are Lots of People Out there that Know her Instantly. I'm just Illiterate when it Comes to Old Movie Actors. I don't Even do as well as I should with the Current Ones.

I Still Can't Tell you the Name of Any of her Movies without Looking it Up. Something about Selling Soap. That's all I've got and I Doubt if I could have Come Up with the Name of an Actor by Typing in the Words "a Movie with Soap in it".

Now that I Know the Name of the Actress, I was Able to Find the Movie Title, "The Trill of it All", with James Garner. She Sold "Happy Soap". Boy did James Garner have a Different Look when he was Younger! There is No Way at all I would have Recognized him as being the Same Guy that Played in the Later Westerns.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

She was super-duper hot in "Love Me or Leave Me". Those dresses that she sang on stage with - yikes!

Lista said...

The Song, "Love Me or Leave me" was Sung by Nina Simone, a Black Singer that I'm not that Familiar with. When Frank Sinatra Sang it, I thought that Maybe I do Recognize the Song; Maybe a Little.

I Wonder if you Guys are going to Think that I've Gone Totally Nuts if I say that James Garner (The One in "the Thrill of it all") Looks Similar to Burt Reynolds. They do have a Similar Look, yet I have Looked at their Pictures, Thought about it, and Realized that I do Know and Recognize them Both.

Now in "Love Me or Leave Me", Doris Day Stars with James Cagney. Interesting Character. BB Posted a Link Once. I Think. Or did he Send it to me through Email? Any way, the Link was of James Cagney Singing the Song "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and I didn't Recognize his Young Face in the Video, though on Further Thought, I Realize that I have seen him in Movies.

You See, it is not as if I haven't Seen Older Movies. It's just that I don't Remember the Movie Titles, nor the Names of the Actors.

Lista said...

I'd like to Make a Comment about the "Love Me or Leave Me" Song; Interesting Lyrics.

I went through a Phase in my Young Dating Life, in which my Philosophy was to Not Put All my Eggs in One Basket. That's One Way to Maintain Distance and Avoid being so Hurt when a Relationship Dies. Whether or not that Particular Dating Philosophy is Appropriate Depends on the Culture of the Particular School or Group that we are with and it's best not to Get Physically Involved Until a Favorite is Chosen.

I don't Know why I Threw that in there. It's just Something I was Thinking about. Even in Friendship, it is Best to Have more than One Friend, just in Case One of them Lets you Down or is not Available when you Most Need them.

Now in the World of Internet, I Find that such can be a rather Scary and Risky Place. So much so, that I've been Reluctant to Give my Email Address Out. I Guess what I should do is Open another Email just for that Purpose and if Someone Gives me Trouble, I can Check it Less Often or Close it and Give the Ones that I Still Like and Trust a Different Email Address.

That's Just Some Thoughts that I'm Thinking about; Thoughts that the "Love Me or Leave Me" Song Triggered.

The Griper said...

"It's just that I don't Remember the Movie Titles, nor the Names of the Actors."

don't feel alone, lista. many of us are the same way. i think that is one reason i chose to have this theme, to remind some of us of what we were fortunate to know and to allow youngsters to this blog to see what they have missed.

as to your idea of friendship i don't have any problem with your understanding of it as you wrote and i commend you on the taking of precautions on the internet.

i have been using different email addys for different circumstances for years now for the same reason, precautionary sake.

i may have a different take on the issue of friendship but that is irrelevant to your situation.

Lista said...

I've been Wondering about Something else, Griper, in Relation to People who are in my Own Age Bracket and yet are still Familiar with Very Old Movies. Perhaps if a Person has either been Raised by, or had a Close Relationship with their Grand-Parents, they may be more Familiar with some of these Older Movies. A Friend of Mine Suggested that and it Makes Sense.

Unfortunately, I Never Knew my Grand-Parents that Well.

Just for the Record, it doesn't Actually Matter to me, whether or not you have a Problem with my Understanding of Friendship, yet I do Commend you for Avoiding an Irrelevant Issue that Might Cause Unnecessary Conflict between us. That is a Communication Skill that is Good to Remember, so I both Commend You and Thank You for it.

She had been Avoiding Smiling in his Presence, but after that Brief Exchange of Complements, she did show a Slight Ting of a Smile. :)

The Griper said...

whether or not your grandparents were rural bred or city bred would be a bigger factor in my mind, lista.

city dwellers were more likely be movie goers than farm persons thus have a better recollection of who the stars were.

and i would add that each of us are products of our own times too and that would also be a factor.

tho i will admit that sites such as "youtube" and "hulu" are doing a good job at bridging this gap between generations.

Lista said...

If I don't even Know my Grandparents, Until they are so Old that they can't Think Straight, then Why would that Matter?

My Father was Mostly Interested in the Musicals and when they Took us to the Movies it was Usually a Family Show, not a Romance.

The Griper said...

yes, lista that would be another factor. the reason being is that actors and actresses back in those times were very typecasted.

so you'd probably be more familiar with actors and actresses that were casted into the type of movies your father chose for you to watch.

Lista said...

She Smiles. You Know, I Continue to Think that you have a rather Funny Way of Explaining yourself. Actually, I Know the Actors and Actresses that are IN the Movies that Dad Chose for me to Watch. I don't Know what Type Casted has to do with it, but that's Ok. Whatever.

Usually the Conversation goes Like This? "What!! You Mean you haven't Ever Seen..." (Insert Name of Movie). "No, I haven't." "Well, you have to see that One. It's a Classic.", or "You haven't Lived Until you've Seen it", or "Anybody who is Anybody has seen this Movie.".

Generally the Movie was a Musical, though I Found Out Later that there are a also a Lot of Musicals that I haven't Seen.


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