Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Some Personal Thoughts for Myself and Plans for the Year

Well, it feels like summer has finally reached the old homestead here. We have 90 degree weather here at the moment and promises to continue to climb.

A couple of milestones has been reached for this blog also. March has resulted in the highest number of hits for this blog since its inception. And it had its best day of hits also. And I wish to thank all of my visitors for thinking that my blog was worth visiting. I especially would like to tell BB and Lista, my two closest online friends, how much I appreciate them for putting up with my rants for so long.

Got my doctor peeved at me this week also. She wouldn't refill my prescription until I made an appontment to come in to have an update exam as the law requires.  Went down and had some blood taken from me too today. That was something else that I have been putting off since my last visit to the doctor.

Planted a few fruit trees in the back yard and got myself a shade tree to plant near the house also. I already had one lemon tree and a pomegranate tree there now and got a nectarine, peach and plum tree to go along with them. Got an ash tree for shade.

If my regulars remember that back in January I reported that the ceiling of my living room caved in as a result of a leaky roof, well, it still is not repaired but I did manage to take off all of the popcorn that was up there. That in itself revealed another problem. There was a crack in the ceiling drywall where, apparently someone's knee went through the ceiling as he was crawling around in the crawl space under the roof. Now, I wonder who that could have been? I know it couldn't have been me because as someone has told me numerous times I never accept responsibility as I should. :)

There was also some paneling up on one wall and I took that off and that really revealed the damage of the rain. There was water stains and mold all over the wall. So, I have my work cut out for me for the next couple of months.

I say the next couple of months because I want to take a trip back east to see my family in June. My high school class reunion is scheduled to meet in July. It will be good to see all of the gray hairs that are still alive and kicking. Spent most of this morning planning the trip back there. Round trip I figured I'll be driving around 6100 miles.

Gonna make at least five stops for visits before finally setting my feet back down on my own place here. My plans include a stop in Maryland, Michigan, a couple of places in Wisconsin and then a stop in Colorado. At least that is my plans so far but who can say if there will be more or less. The only thing I know for sure is that with the gas prices as they are and will be it will cost an arm and a leg before the trip is finished. So, I guess I'll be living on bread and water from now on in order to save up enough money to make the trip.

I do know that for this trip I am going to add a couple of items to the list of things to take with me. I am going to get myself a laptop plus a cell phone for emergency use. And I don't think I'll take Dawg with me on this trip. I'll leave her here to keep my room mate company while I am traveling around the country. She got into too much trouble on my trip last year.

Well. Those are the ol' Griper's plans for this year as of now.


Gorges Smythe said...

Hope all goes as planned and you get your work done and have a good trip.

BB-Idaho said...

I recall your trip last year to the 'state with the longest freshwater shoreline'. Am looking forward to ReportsFromTheRoad as you wend your way hither and yon throug big sky country!

The Griper said...

may even add idaho into those plans if someone invites me for coffee. :)

Anonymous said...

good to read news of you and about your futur plans ... A Cell and a Laptop wow Griper is really getting in the now time (grin)..from the dates you mention i guess this means that while you will be going from west to East well i will be going East to west ... Hope you have a great time on your travelling Griper..hugs and kiss


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