Friday, April 02, 2010

The Griper is Still Alive and Kicking Here in the Ol' Homestead

Just thought I'd let everyone know that the Griper was still around and kicking hard.  Has been a pretty hectic week though here in the Griper's household though.

First, an update for everyone curious, BB-Idaho won the grand prize for being my 15000th visitor.  He wins a "Round trip vacation" to anywhere in the universe for as long as he wants with the companion of his choice. Of course there is one small cathch to this prize.  It must be within the limits of his own credit card since he will need to pay for it himself.

One other update also.  An old roommate called me a few days ago and wanted to rerent  the room he had before.  What was really great about this was the fact he is in the computer business so, we made a trade, rent for a new computer.  So, the last few days we have been busy moving him in and setting up the computer I now have.  It's a 3.4 Ghtrz processor with a couple of gigs of ram. Then I have a couple of newer monitors too, 22 incher's.  So, now I have two monitors sitting on my desk hooked up to their own computer with each one having their own keyboard and mouse.

Then we added a wireless router so that we have three or more computers connected to the internet now too, his computers in his room and mine in my room.  We both agreed that we needed a new internet service to upgrade the speed to handle all of these computers.  So that is next on the agenda.

So, we have been busy, busy, busy here.  But have to say that I feel it is a good busy.  With the extra rent money the Griper may even be able to afford a nice vacation himself this year.  Hope that things are going just good for each of you as well.


Karen Howes said...

Sounds like you had a busy but good week, Griper. S have I... looking for a new place, think I've found one, and am crossing my fingers.

Enjoy your new puter and your old friend's companionship!

BB-Idaho said...

15,000th visitor? I guess the odds were with me, visiting about
5-6 times a day, huh? Having a resident computer expert is something we all should have!

BB-Idaho said...

"So, now I have two monitors sitting on my desk hooked up to their own computer with each one having their own keyboard and mouse." How ya gonna loose weight
sitting in that electronic wonderland? Two mouses..would that be mice? :)

The Griper said...

he laughs at BB's comment. ohhhhhhhhhh you're mean, my friend, ha,ha,ha.

Rational Nation USA said...

Two computers, a 22 inch monitor , and a resident tech... what could possibly be better than that!

Don't answer that!!


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