Monday, March 29, 2010

"The Griper" was Given a New Challenge This Day in Regards to His Life

I was in a shock when the doctor’s scales had my weight up to 194 lbs.  I knew from how my clothes were fitting that I had gained weight but never realized just how much weight I had gained.  The lack of exercise is the main cause of this along with bad eating habits.  I would also attribute the pain in my lower extremities to this gain of weight or more precisely to the bad habits I have allowed my self to get into.

This is the most important thought.  Weight gain is just a symptom and result of these bad habits not the cause of any other symptoms.  And as long as I focus on the cause I know that change can come.

This means a whole change in my life style and it will not be easy, this I know before I even start  to think about what changes I need to make.  And if there is going to be a change then I might as well make that change as complete as possible and consider other changes as well.

Change will not be easy for another reason.  I have always been a procrastinator and for this change to occur that is no longer an option.  I need to make a commitment to this change now not tomorrow.  And this change will be painful and I do not mean painful in terms of mentally or emotionally but painful in a physical sense.

There is one thing I cannot allow myself to use as an excuse, my age.  Nor can I allow myself to use my handicaps as an excuse and I’ll have to admit that those were two excuses I have used in the past. And along with this comes a regimented life style, something my life has never been.

Now I must ask the question of myself, am I ready to make that commitment in recognition of these facts?  Are the end results of this commitment enough incentive to make this a long term commitment or is my contentment of what I am now too great to overcome?

Maybe the challenge of the fact it is a test of my own will power will be an added incentive.  Questions is all I have at the moment, questions that can never be answered with thoughts but only answered by action on my part.  And only time can give that answer. When it is the moment that time does give her answer I can only hope it will be a kindly answer.

Considering that this is the beginning of Spring,  maybe a good way to look at it is from the idea that I'm thinking about doing a little Spring cleaning in regards to my life.


LandShark 5150 said...

Wow, that ain't so bad. Just a few years ago, I was at me fighting weight of 180-190. Never had a problem losing it. went on a doubling up of Guinness and eating, a cutting of activity in half and POP -- 265. 7 knee operations both shoulders, elbow and ankle, I soon woke up to the fact I'm not getting younger. To much over indulgence of exceeding excess and wasted virtue. It's been hard but this weekend I reached 200 with 15 to go. The tough 15. Diet and activity got me here. But since running is out and hard walking is at best painful, I'm looking for a crystal meth dealer. Just Joking there!
I feel you, staying active and turning away from the plate sooner is a good. It isn't change, it's a choice. Good luck on your endeavor, Sir.

The Griper said...

i need to lose around 25 lbs guys. figure diet plus yard work to start out with along with walking the dog a couple of times a day would be a good way to start then work my way up. and i thank ya for the support too.

SjP said...

Well, my friend, I'm certainly glad to learn that your visit revealed only a few pounds needing to be shed. Was pretty worried when I read the post title. whew!!!

I have no doubt that you'll shed those few extra pounds. I'm pulling for you!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm I can think of a few ways to loose extra pounds ...yard work is fine and it is periodical too housework and renovations and painting ..then there is always walking the dog everyday that also helps and most of all eating very healthy like meat a little bit and veggies...(EG) see Griper how I was always looking out for your health back in time lolol ..i am sure you will have no problem to loose them pounds and keep them off after
hugs sha

the malcontent said...

Easy on that bread and cake..
And a bit more of walking instead of driving might help.

Karen Howes said...

I know how you feel, Griper. I've gained a ton of weight over the past few years myself.

Cut out sugars, starches, and grains (translate: calories) and exercise, and you'll probably be down to your ideal in no time.

Tom's Place said...

Hey Griper...

My wife and I found ourselves in similar circumstances 4 years ago. She tipped the scales at 160, and I was at 165. Tired of buying clothes, we engaged a trainer and learned how to use the gym, exercise, and eat healthier.

My wife is now down to 125 and runs 5 miles 2-3 times a week. I'm now at 145, and haven't felt this good in years even though I can't run anymore (but I can walk and lift weights).

Not bad considering that the wife was 52 when she started exercising, and didn't have an athletic background... Just proves that anyone can start exercising at any age & get results.

Always On Watch said...

As one who has shed unwanted pounds from time to time, I can tell you that getting the job done isn't easy. And the older one gets, the more difficult the task.

So, get on that task right now and wholeheartedly. The results, even if slow in coming, are worth it.

SjP said...

How's that weight loss coming?


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