Friday, April 09, 2010

Just a Few Odds and Ends of Everyday Happenings

Well. The Griper is back at the computer once more, or should I say in front of two monitors? Have to say it has been a pretty good week for him too. If this week's results are like last week I'd say that the Griper is on the right path to the goals he has set for himself.

Weighed myself a week after I went to the doctor and my scales had some pretty nice numbers to report to me. It told me that the Griper had worked hard enough to have shed 2.6 lbs. Of course, I'll have to admit my body was doing the “tea bagger” thing with me and protesting the whole time and I mean protesting big time too. I have as many muscles aching and moaning as much as the tea baggers have gripes about their government in this lifetime.  Think i also woke a few muscles up that haven't been used in ages too and they are not very happy about it either.

But, also have to say that the yard appreciates the efforts I have shown to it too. The Griper did enough yard work last week to fill up not only his trash bin with yard waste but both of his neighbors trash bins. Think Mr. Gore would be mighty proud of me doing my part for the ecology by recycling all of the waste.

Got a feeling that Dawg is also happy with the changes that the Griper has made. She has been his companion on the little walks he has been taking after eating a meal. Serves as a training session for Dawg as well as exercise for the Griper. She has been stubborn at learning but she is coming around to my way of thinking slowly but surely.

My roomy just laughed as he made the remark that her stubbornness should be expected because, after all, she is a female, isn't she? Couldn't very well argue the point with him because she is a dog that craves as much attention as a female does too. In other words, as some would say, she is a typical female.

One last event to report is the fact that we are changing internet service to day too. We decided to go with cable rather than upgrading our dsl service. The total cost will be twice as much as I'm paying now but with my roomy splitting the cost with me I'll be getting a faster service for about the same cost as I'm paying now with ATT.

The biggest bad thing that has happened is the fact I miss my blog surfin'. That has been my usual means of learning about what is happening in the world today. Kinda miss getting the goat of some of my friends with my gripes on their blog.

Well, anyways the sun is beginning to show her face and warming up ol' mother earth as it usually does here which means that it is about time for the Griper to get off his rear end and start doing something productive. That usually means getting a pot of coffee started then a shower and shave leaving out the shaving part. Guess that is one of the luxuries that men of my age and position inherit in life. We no longer have to try to look pretty each and every day.

Everyone have a good day.  Funny thought just hit me. Life sure has its own way. Getting fat doesn't require much work and it enjoys all of the pleasurable things in life but muscle requires hard work and only shows its pleasures when man is willing to get off his rear end and stand on his own two feet.  That seems to be the same with the promises of the concepts of a free enterprise system and a socialistic system.


BB-Idaho said...

Congratulations on your success thus far. The hardest part is getting started. I'm a bit curious as to two computer systems: is one for internet, the other for photography or something? (I DID
notice that your post was NOT in duplicate!)

Anonymous said...

hmmm well it is good to see that griper is taking care of his health and his yard at same time... i am with BB Idaho wondering if two screen is one for regular stuff and second hmm makes one wonder hehehe... as for dawg being female and all the silly stuff written in that blog griper should know better at his age ..she is female therefor she knows that making herself difficult makes him work harder and then it is better for his health since he has to be walking more to make her understand ....eshhhhh men we have to explain everything !!!!
take care griper

tweetey30 said...

Griper, Jeff and I have started eating healthier foods too lately. We were eating way to many chips and to much soda in our life style. So we have cut back to one or two soda's a day and either water or kool aide and juice.. I dont like milk unless its in my cereal.. and hubby cant drink milk. he is a cow diabetic..LOL..

So congrats on the changes.. Hope you like the cable better. We have At&t also and I am sick of getting disconnection notices everytime we are a few days late on the dang phone bill.. I hate it..

BB-Idaho said...

Testing, 1-2-3.
Did this come in on computer #1, or unit #2? :)

Karen Howes said...

Sounds like things are going well, Griper-- glad to hear it. Wish I could lose a few pounds...

LandShark 5150 said...

Griper -- Sir it has been a few days. I am pleased to hear all is going well with you. Congrats on the wieght loss and the new found surge of energy.
As for meself, been on a sort of gypsy tour. Took the motorsickle from here to the east coast then out your way and back. Nice to let the breeze take the world out of my mind for a spell. I reakon I'll post the rest of the Constitution study then maybe lay low and think of John Galt. Thanks for your inspiration you have given me.
And Thank you BB for your input also, really you guys have given me some good food for thought.Your friend, sharky

Rational Nation USA said...

Griper -- I love your ending analogy. And congrats on your early success.

I been there... funning thing I am getting there again. Only it seems a bunch harder to reverse the older you get.

Keep at it, and think of it as a life style change.

Enjoy your day.

tweetey30 said...

Ok Griper if you are so well.. Where are you.. Hope you and the DAWG are good...


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