Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Do I Feel Less Secure About My Life Now That Obama Has Signed the New Health Care Bill?

With the passage of this new health care package that Congress has passed and that President Obama has signed into law, a whole new set of feelings has engulfed my soul and I do not enjoy what those feelings are telling me.  It was a package meant to give the people a greater sense of security in their lives.  If that be true then why does my soul tell me that it feels less secure now?

This package was meant to assure all that our government has the best interest of the people in mind when they passed this law. The talk from all that advocate this type of legislation is that no one has to worry about their health care concerns anymore.  Why does my heart tell me that this legislation goes against every one of my self interests?

I have had people admonish me because they say I am selfish and heartless by placing my own self-interest above the interests of others.  They have attempted to make me feel guilty by making accusations then challenging me on it that was meant to tug at my heartstrings such as Truth101 has done in one of his posts here.  They make these accusations to prove the justification of their own political beliefs.  They make these accusations in confidence that no one can respond to them in any other way except in a manner that would affirm their political stance.

The one big problem with accusations like these is that  those who make them are not willing to accept the consequences of those accusations if they be answered in any other way except in the manner that affirms their own political beliefs.  What they fail to accept is the fact that if the accusation is answered, that answer itself truthfully invalidates their beliefs and affirms the beliefs of the person who gave the answer.

And from this we can see another problem with this point of view.  It is the fact that when I am to think of others, a big element of those others are the very ones that are accusing me of being selfish.  Come to think about it those others consists entirely of those that accuse me of being selfish and cold-hearted.  In other words they are accusing me of something that they are being themselves, people who are looking out for their own best interests at the expense of others.  They are just presenting their ideas in a misleading way.

With these thoughts carried out to this conclusion I can now understand why my feelings are as they are and why I feel no sense of security with the passage of this health care bill signed and enacted. The people who are advocating for this bill seek a mandate that I satisfy their interests before I satisfy my own.

Have a good day all.



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