Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandpa Makes a Fearful Prediction in Hopes He may Be Wrong. Is He Wrong?

tAs we sat there stuffing ourselves with all of the food in the picnic basket that grandma had prepared we could hear how grandpa’s words had stirred the crowd as they gathered in small groups.  It seemed as if the reaction to the words were positive but grandpa just shook his head sadly as he said,

“Words of praise are nice to hear but we have come to a point in our history where I do not believe words of protest will suffice.  It will require action from the people.  It has come to the point where we, as a nation, must be willing to show that our words mean something and that the people need to back up those words with action.

I’m afraid that we, as a people, may have gone past the point where freedom and liberty is important to the people.  Security and dependency has replaced those values in the hearts and minds of the people today.  All one has to do is look at how society reacts to the negative things that occur in their everyday life to see that.

We have become a people that no longer accepts the risks of everyday living as we once had to.  When people are broke where do they run to except to the federal government and beg for welfare money?  When anyone loses their job where do the people run to except to the government unemployment office to apply for unemployment money?

We have become a nation that is used to the idea that if you want something that in order to get it requires that you buy insurance also.  And what is insurance except the placing of responsibility on others to do what is morally and legally your responsibility?  There hardly is a moment in your life that isn’t covered by some type of insurance.

If you are in your home you are covered by home insurance.  If, in your car, you are covered by auto insurance. If, at work, you are covered by your employer’s insurance. If you are in a place of business you are covered by the insurance that business has.  Even when you are just plain walking down  the sidewalk or crossing the street you are covered by the insurance of that city.

The big problem is that in each and every case we, the people are paying for the insurance premiums in some way or another whether it be in higher prices, higher taxes, or even in lower wages. We are gradually insuring ourselves against everything except poverty and bankruptcy and that is where the path of socialism must lead us.  And that is the path of the blind and ignorant.  But, unfortunately it is the path that people, at times, must travel in order to see and understand their foolishness and wake up to the reality of life.

Now, I’ll grant that we haven’t gone down that path far enough yet that we cannot turn around and take the path of liberty once more but we are getting close to that point of no return.  The people will need to make a choice between the illusion of security or the reality of freedom.

I hope that I am wrong but I don’t think that the people have in their hearts to take back what was bequeathed them by those who gave their lives that we may know what liberty truly is. The feeling of security is a mighty strong drug and I believe that the people have become addicted to it.  And  the only leaders I see now days are those leaders that will take this nation down the path of socialism that promises even greater security.  And this is a promise that can never be kept.

Now this belief does not mean I have given up the fight for your liberty, boy.  There is too much at stake in this fight for liberty. I also know that there is much to do before that time comes when we will only have that choice of giving up or actually commit ourselves to be civilly disobedient to the dictates of those who rule over us.  I am also a practical man and the time to start preparing for the possibility of defeat is now. ”

With those words said grandpa got up and said that it was time to go home and start making preparations.  I knew there was going to be much to discuss at the dinner table for the next few days.



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