Saturday, March 20, 2010

History Will be Made By A People Who Loves Liberty or A Submissive People. Which are You, My Friends?

Grandpa and I went to a political rally protesting the new legislation on health care reform.  Grandma went with us because she knew that this would be a good time to hear about all of the juicy gossip about the county.  Anyways we found a place to place our blanket on the ground and grandma set the picnic basket full of goodies to snack on while we were there and off she went to meet up with her woman folk that she knew she could depend on to fill her in on all of the juicy stories.  Both grandpa and I knew we were in for a ride home with grandma revealing to the both of us all of the details of everyone else’s sins that she heard.

Once she was out of sight both grandpa and me went for the picnic basket and got a piece of grandma’s delicious fried chicken and began eating while we listened to the numerous speakers lambasting not only the bill but also those in government intent on passing this bill.  Grandpa was the last to speak and when it was his turn he took the podium and just look out at the crowd as if trying to ascertain their mood after hearing the words of the previous speakers.  After a couple of minutes he had this to say,

“From the roar I have heard throughout this day it sounds as if I am speaking to a group of very angry people, people who are angry with their government, people who are very angry with their representatives in government.  This anger is good.  This anger can be used to maintain the liberty that the founding fathers promised us. 

My question would be if it is an anger that is in the spirit of ‘76. It was that anger that led the founders of this nation to declare independence from the motherland.  Only you, as individuals who feel that anger can determine that.  It was that anger in the spirit of ‘76 that led the southern States to declare their independence from the United States.  In both cases it was the abuses of government upon that liberty and pursuit of happiness that led the people to this anger.  In both cases the people believed that it was the government that had broken their contract with the people. So, the question remains.  Is that anger that I see in the people here within the spirit of ‘76?

The anger within the spirit of ‘76 means more than just going to gatherings like this and expressing that anger in speeches.  Obama and friends have eyes and ears and they are not fazed by these gatherings.  They can only see and hear one thing, the passage of this bill that will but the beginning of the final nail into the coffin of your liberty as promised and fought for by our forefathers.

The anger within the spirit of ‘76 requires more than just voting out those who were instrumental in the passing of this bill this fall.  you can’t vote out enough to make a difference in regards to the harm this bill will do to this nation.  Any new Congress would never get the votes necessary to repeal this law.  It is impossible to elect a Congress that would have the votes necessary to create a veto proof repeal of this law.  So the question is again asked, is that anger that I see in the people here within the spirit of  ‘76?  Only you can answer that question, my friends, because only you must be ready to accept the consequences that can follow if it is.

The anger within the spirit of ’76 may require you to commit an act of civil disobedience.  Are you angry enough to do just that?  Is that anger enough to act in disobedience to the mandates within this bill?  Is that anger strong enough to accept imprisonment rather than submit to the loss of your liberty as stipulated with that bill?

And you, the leaders of this angry movement, are you ready to lead your followers down this path of civil disobedience? Are you willing to raise your voice high enough so that all may know who you are and that you will sign any written act of civil disobedience in the same spirit as John Hancock as he signed the Declaration of Independence?  If so, then get out and lead your followers.  If not, get out of the way so that a real leader may take your place.

The choice is yours, my people.  Yes or no are the only choices that Obama and company are giving you.  It is your liberty and the liberty of your children and grandchildren that is at stake in this decision you are now being forced to make this day.  Your decision today will effect the course of the history for this nation.  Make a wise decision, my friends.  Make a decision that your children and grandchildren will never regret you making. 

This day will be recorded as the day the government truly became a government of the people, for the people, and  by the people.”  Now, whether history records us as a independent liberty loving people or a submissive people who gave up their liberty without a whimper is another story.  But, know this, it will be you, the people, that will write that chapter for history to record.

Your decision today will determine whether you will act with the fear of the government in your hearts and minds or if you act so that those who govern us will know the fear of God within their hearts and minds.  Obama and friends are counting on you, the people, being  of the former and not the latter. I have already made my decision.

With these words said grandpa stepped down from the podium and was greeted only by the sound of silence of the crowd as he made his way back to grandma and me.



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