Saturday, March 27, 2010

Integrity or Self Interest, Which Takes Priority to a Liberal Mindset?

Funny thing about liberals is that they get bent out of shape whenever anyone on the right uses the word socialism or socialist within their ears.  Its as if they recognize just how dirty of a word that it is but proudly advocate for programs that can only result in a socialistic state.  Its as if their eyes can only envision a government that would lead us back into the Garden of Eden.

Times I actually think that they believe that they can take the pyramid of power and turn it on end and expect it to stand balanced on its apex for that is how they view how power is determined in a democracy.  The sad thing of it is that there are many on the right that view power in this same mindset and in doing so unknowingly are aiding the left in their ultimate goal of a socialistic State.  Too many persons see the government as being the servant of the people rather than their Master. 

It is from this illusionary vision of government that people let their guard down and out of the ashes of hope and change, a dictator arises.  And don’t think it can’t happen in a democratic state such as ours.  History proves otherwise.  And don’t believe for a second  that it would take the violent overthrow of this government in order to set up a dictatorship.  It only requires a man who has the charisma to make people believe he can accomplish the impossible if only he was given the power to accomplish the impossible.

There are many liberals out there who will advocate for socialistic programs and yet  declare that it is wrong to label them as a socialist.  Their emotional attachment to these programs blind them to the path that they be on. And it be a path which they dare not leave without admitting their own hypocrisy of thought.

What is amusing about their thinking is how easily they gloat over their own pretentious qualities as if to say that only someone with a liberal’s mindset can possess these qualities.  Here is one quote by a liberal which exemplifies what I say;

Many times my confounded integrity and sense of fair play have gotten me in trouble…

Then turns right around and shows how he lacks integrity by saying;

I am a capitalist. I confess. I own stock in the evil Exxon Corporation. I also own stock in an evil bank.”

If these businesses were as evil as he claims, his own integrity would not allow him to own stock in them.  One can only come to the conclusion that he does not think they are as evil as he claims or his self interests takes priority over his integrity.  If it be the latter then it just verifies what was said in the previous post that liberals seek to mandate that I and every one of you who are not of the liberal clan place their self-interests above our own.



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