Monday, March 15, 2010

Think Grandma's idea of a Perfect Mixed Economy is Immoral? OK, Try This Idea of Hers. No One dares call It Immoral Unless The Idea of Family is Immoral..

“ You know grandma, it is a good thing you leave the political arguments up to grandpa. If people were to hear your argument of a perfect mixed economy they would look at you as if you were a foolish old woman. They would never envision it as grandpa and I do. They’d automatically reject the idea immediately upon hearing the word slave since we have rejected that form of economy with the Civil War.”

Grandma just smiled and then gave grandpa a sly wink as she responded.

“Boy, I know that, but one thing. I don’t need to influence anybody's  thoughts except yours and your grandfather’s. And if I have done that then I leave it up to you and your grandfather to try to influence the thoughts of others and as you know your grandfather does a fair job at doing just that.

As for others not accepting the idea I presented that is fine. Then let us create a new scenario, one that is acceptable in today’s sense of morality and way of life. I will add that if anyone would not accept this then we as a society cannot exist but that society is but an illusion of someone’s mind.

First of all we must view from the terms of what is called the “traditional family” structure as sociology as termed it. It is a structure where the husband and father was viewed as being the head of the family and he made all of the family decisions. Of course those decisions were influenced by each member of the family but his word was final in regards to any decision and the whole family abided by that decision. The head of this traditional family would also be the sole bread winner in that family

Now, let us add another factor to this by saying that this family lived on a farm just as we do. Now if you think deeply on this scenario everything that I said about a slave economy is no different than the scenario we now have. One more thing we can say is that this scenario depicts the typical way of life at the time of the founding of this nation.

Child labor laws are far more lax for farm life than for the families of city folks. And a child is given chores to do at a very early age with each and every member of that family contributing his part in making that farm a good place to live. We have the same situation now as I said in a slave economy. Each member of the smallest society of a nation produces in accordance to his abilities and the fruits of their labor provide for the needs of the whole of the family as well as himself. This would be especially true for the head of the family for he is the one that must bear the full responsibility of the well being of each member in his family.

But it is also here where we can also see how it can be disastrous too. If the head of the family makes poor business decisions then not only he will suffer but his whole family must suffer the consequences of those poor decisions also. And as your grandfather will tell you these poor decisions deals mainly in going into debt in hopes that those debts will be paid by future crops as if it is a sure thing that a farm will have a good years ahead without fail.

He will also tell you that there were many a year that we could only produce enough just to provide for ourselves and nothing left over to sell to the community for profit. He will also tell you that seed for the next years crops must come from one of two places. It must come out of the profits of this years crops or in the case of crop failure seed money must come out of savings. If a person has any idea of what farm life is about then he can tell you that there are many more factors other than poor business decisions that can affect the success or failures of a farm and a lot of them cannot be controlled by man.

This would be the same for a nation where a socialistic form of governing would exist and the government would be the one making the business decisions in people‘s lives. If Congress makes poor business decisions the whole of the nation suffers the consequences of those poor decisions not just the politicians. So, if you want to see how good of business decisions the politicians make all one has to do is to look at the national debt.

So. If the people believe that a socialistic form of government is the one they want then they had better prepare themselves for one fact that can be declared as an inevitability. That inevitability will be that the government will no longer exist to serve the people first as it should. It will be the people that will live their lives to provide the means for the government to provide each and every individual of society with their needs and the needs of their loved ones.

I don’t know about you, boy, but there is one thing that is clear in my mind. And that is I would much rather entrust my well being in your grandfather’s hands before I would entrust it in the hands of some politician in Washington. I would prefer suffering the consequences of his poor business decisions then I would any politician’s decisions.

And the reason is simple. I know that your grandfather loves me and from that love I can be assured he will sacrifice everything to take care of me. I know of no politician that can or will say that."

I just smiled and looked at grandpa and got a real surprise as I saw his face turn to a deep red.



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