Friday, March 12, 2010

Grandma Removes the Cup of Hemlock by Revealing the Perfect Form of a Mixed Economy With a Big Surprise

At supper time that evening grandma added her bit to what grandpa was talking about in regards to economic systems. And I think the words she said even surprised grandpa as he listened to her. This is what she had to say.

“The perfect mixed economy is a possibility. The only thing we need to do is see it in terms of its ideality rather from its flaws. So, I ask you, my dear family whom I love very much, to bear with me as I present my case for this ideal system of economics. For this form of economics to be in place it must fulfill the needs of all as we each see those needs to be. And it must satisfy all of those who think a free enterprise system is the way for a society to fulfill the needs of the individual. It must also be able to satisfy those who think that a socialistic form of economics is the way for a society to fulfill the needs of the individual.

One other criteria it must meet is the idea of freedom. It must allow a individual to accept the responsibilities that a free enterprise system demands. It must also allow other individuals the freedom from those responsibilities as demanded by free enterprise and that socialism promises. Since no system can be declared as perfect then the implementation of this system must be implemented with the acceptance of all of its flaws just as the other two systems must be accepted with their flaws.

Since both private enterprise and socialism see the individual from two different perspectives this new system must also allow this to be a part of the equation also. Both greed and compassion must be a factor of motivation in this new economy. In order to understand it there must be no preconception of abuse when pondering over the benefits of this idea.

One more factor must be considered before we go into the details of this new economy. Just as persons inherit the economic system of his parents then each person must inherit his place in this system also without choice. Now I would say that there be many other criteria that needed to be met but for the sake of this post we must assume that they will be met without contradiction of any principles of each.

Now that we have determined the basis of this new economic system let’s put it into place and see if it meets everything demanded of it. Believe it or not this new system has already been tried and rejected. It is the oldest economic system this world has known. It is the slave economy.

Of the owners of slaves, they participate in a free enterprise form of economics. That slave he owns is viewed as nothing more than property and is to be treated as property. As a good follower of the free enterprise system that owner knows that if he wishes to have any real value in regards to his property, he will maintain it by providing for its needs just as he would any other type of property. He will have his opportunity to pursue his perceived greedy ends as he sees fit.

Of the slave himself, he participates in a socialistic form of economic system. His every need is provided him by his benevolent owner. He is given food, shelter, clothing and health care which he need not pay for thus can be looked upon as being free which is determined necessary by his owner and he is treated the same as every other slave. The fruits of his labor is used to provide the needs of all of his fellow slaves as well as his own in accordance to his ability to produce thus a slave is being compassionate and cannot ever will be perceived as being greedy.

Since all is provided to him he has no need of money. If that slave is in possession of any money it will be used only as directed by his owner since it was given to him by his owner. He has the freedom from the making of decisions for the needs in his life. He can live life content in the fact that his every need is and will be provided. No slave is better than any other slave nor is he any less than any other slave.”

When finished, she closed her speech with these words.

“Now, if either one of you can find a flaw in my argument without citing the abuses that is viewed as inherent in the system I sure would enjoy hearing them.”

Grandpa and I just looked at each other as grandma put a big grin on her face in confidence of what she said.



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