Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grandpa's Amusing Response To A Liberal Friend's Bashing of the Right

 Grandpa chuckled after reading a post that one of his liberal friends had up. and when i looked at him with a quizzical look on my face he responded this way,

 "While at college, I heard a sociologist say once that if businesses were run more like a family and families were run more like a business then life would be much better.  That is a typical common sense form of a conclusion that sociologists use as a basis to create a theory.  And it sure sounds good too. And from the buzz  I heard after class from among the student I can only say that the professor made a good impression upon them in regards to this idea.  Being the old man among these students I just listened and was amused by the buzz.

Over at Progressive Eruptions, Shaw posted another example of this common sense conclusions reached by some sociologist about divorce and abortion from a study. And based upon the argument used it is pretty hard to argue against the conclusion reached by this sociologist.  But what is amusing about this one is, is what other common sense conclusions that can be found in this study she used in order to bash the right.

If what is said in regards to that study is true then it is the rich that make up the bastion of those who espouse to leftist politics. We must also conclude that it is the poor and middle class who espouse to the politics of the right.  And this leads to other amusing conclusions.

One conclusion would be that whenever the left is complaining about the rich being greedy and having no compassion for the poor they are complaining about the very people that make up the left not those of the right.  And when they are always talking about taxing the rich in order to help the poor they are admitting that those on the left are not very charitable and won‘t help the poor unless forced to help them.  And there are studies that has backed up this conclusion.

Another amusing common sense conclusion one could come to is that when the left is bashing the right for giving tax breaks to the rich they are bashing the poor and middle class for trying to help the rich keep their money.   But there is one more conclusion that one could reach that is even more amusing.

When the left declares that the rich do not deserve the help, that they say the right are giving them, then they are telling the right that the leftists do not deserve to be helped.  It must also be concluded that when the left is trying to help the poor then the right is telling the left that they do not want their help. 

I guess that the most important common sense conclusion would be that maybe if both sides would really listen to what the other side was telling them we would be a far more united as a people and as a nation.  We would also have a government that the people deserve to have too.

Oh and by the way, the buzz of the college students changed when I put in my two cents and asked if the students ever considered the possibility that if a family was run more like a business then they would understand just how much like a family a business was already being run."

Grandpa just chuckled again as he said these words and grandma and I joined in the chuckle as we said in unison,




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