Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Image of Sarah Palin?

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Is the picture of Sarah Palin, as portrayed by Newsweek, above an example of being sexist as she claims on her face book site? In my humble opinion the answer is no. To me, this is just another example of a word being used so much that it has lost the meaning of its original intent.

As to the actual intent of its use in this case, only the person who chose this particular picture of her knows the answer. My only thoughts would be to question the appropriateness of its use considering the context of the article to which it was meant to highlight in this issue of Newsweek as opposed to its use when she posed for the picture.

When the picture was taken it was to be used in a sports magazine called Runners World. As one can see by her attire, she dressed very appropriately for the magazine in which the picture was originally intended to be used. Her dress for this picture would be clothing that I and I, believe, anyone else would expect to see in a magazine like that. I also believe that if she had worn clothing meant to be worn in other situations, such as an evening gown, people would have questioned the choice of dress and rightfully so. This same thing can be and should be said and asked of Newsweek.

My original impression is that Newsweek used this particular picture for one of two explanations, neither one being a good reason for its use. One explanation would be that Newsweek thought it would help sell more magazines. The other explanation would be to portray her in a manner that could only be seen in a negative portrayal consistent with the accompanied article of her. Neither of these explanations would be consistent with the image that the magazine intended or wants to be known for.

But, this is only my opinion


Spitfire said...

But it would appear your opinion is accurate. Glad to see you back, Gripper. Hope things are working out well with the renters. Have a blessed Holiday season. Shalom, Spitfire

dcat said...

Well Happy belated turkey day to you too! ;)

Who is news week? Oh yeah the left media scared shitless!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I’ve read about this. I keep learning new things everyday!
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Marie's Two Cents said...

Love the "Victocrat"!

That's a Doctored Picture of Sarah Palin.


tweetey30 said...

Have to admit I dont read newsweek and I havent been in the politcal mode since Gayle quit blogging a few months ago..

Derek Hinton said...

Hell no, that's not sexist. I'll tell you what's sexist. When a woman viciously attacks men for no good reason, that's sexist.


Of course it happened in Canada, but that doesn't mean it can't happen here. Take a look at the jolly good laughs these "ladies" have at the expense of the guy who lost a testicle.


Frankly, I'm getting sick of our country rotting from the inside out.

Anonymous said...

JOY Behar said that "Tiger Woods is Not a Hypocrite Because He’s Not a Right-Winger"
This low-class snarling woman is so quick to criticize any on the right and she makes herself even uglier with her scowls of disapproval…as if anyone gives a damn what she thinks.
Who hired this large worthless? What are her qualifications, other than she has a big mouth, knows how to interrupt, shriek over her guests with whom she disagrees. Beyond that, she’s politically illiterate. She needs to take her Brooklyn tough guy act back to the ‘hood’ in Brooklyn where people think she’s important because elsewhere she’s nothing but an annoyance who is not worth listening to.
What’s really bizarre is that Tiger Woods DID try to pass himself off as a devout family man. He used his clean cut image to make millions off of endorsements. I remember the ads where he’s reading a bedtime story to his (?) kid about the tortoise and the hare. So not is Joy Behar a loudmouthed leftie, she’s a loudmouthed leftie retard who makes up her own version of the story to make a point. But then again, they all do that, don’t they?

tweetey30 said...

Happy Holidays if i dont get back to doing so before they hit. i broke my left foot today so i wont be doing much or going to far..

SjP said...

This is nothing new for Newsweek week - they do it all of the time. Personally, I think the picture was inappropriate for both Newsweek and Runner's World. Poor taste - poor advice - poor judgement all the way around if you ask me (I know, you didn't)...


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