Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Words of Wisdom or of a Fool, Your Choice.

Two persons marry when they see the beauty in each other and are blind to the ugliness. They divorce when they discover the ugliness and forget the beauty.

The beauty of a man can be found in four parts, the mind, the heart, the soul, and the body. Of these, the beauty of two may fade but learn of the beauty of the other two and you will know eternal beauty.

Before you can love another as you love yourself you must first recognize the goodness of the love for yourself.

Principles that are not worth dying for are principles not worth living by.

All truth is absolute. To declare that truth is relative is to admit ignorance of the facts necessary for the truth or to admit that a lie can be just as truthful.

Debate, fight, victory, those are the three priorities of war and in that order.

The only exit plan in a war is a plan of defeat. To call it anything else is political doublespeak.

A man who has no desire to abide by the original intent of his contract needs to have that contract amended. Any other method is to void the contract itself and live in pretense of its existence.

Philosophy seeks wisdom. Science seeks knowledge. Theology seeks perfection. Pray that none comes to believe one is superior to the other.


Anonymous said...

what kind heart of u..................................................

knowislam said...

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The Griper said...

welcome to the site. come back and allow us to get to know you better. i see your site is a new blog. i like the background you picked

Rational Nation USA said...

Science seeks knowledge and Philosophy seeks to define objective rational wisdom leading us to an appropriate and consistent non contradictory means to guide our lives. Ethics is a branch of philosopy that concerns itself with moral and value judgement.

Theology is a belief system based on faith. While purposeful and may be used for good it lacks the reasoning both science and objective philisophy provide.

Three books to help put things in perspective; Philosophy: Who Needs It, The Virtue of Selfishness, and For The New Intellectual.

All suggested reading for those who have not alresdy done so.

The Griper said...

"Theology is a belief system based on faith"

i'd have to argue this statement, RN. i don't believe we are in real disagreement but as written it could be misleading.

all disciplines are based upon reasoning for that is the only basis by which man has in order to come to a conclusion. so, while i'd say that theology is dependent upon faith it is still based upon reasoning. i like to use this saying when thinking of theology

"faith begins where logic leaves off."

another saying that always amused me but found as being useful is a quote from a theologist whose name i cannot recall,

"what i believe is theology. what you believe is philosophy."

all disiplines require faith. the big difference is that theology recognizes the need for it while all of the rest try to overcome that need but in the end must fail.

Rational Nation USA said...

I am not a strong beleiver in faith as the world's history is replete wirh examples of the result of believing in religious dogma. I don't believe referencing them all here is neccesaary.

I am a bit like Thomas Paine who distruated "religion" and the church. Paine was a diest and as such believed in a higher power or Supreme Being.

I posses a certain spitituality that is unique to me and in those instances that philosopy, reasoning and logic leaves one short I refer to my spirituality.

Can't possible explain the 50 year journey I have taken but it has lead me to many revelations I considerer to be enlightening.
Most from non theology based writings, although I have read the Old and New Testement in full. A bit of the Koran, and Tibitian Budhism.

The Griper said...

i can find no fault in your thoughts, RN. i guess the main point i was trying to make is that while the use of the word "faith" is usually associated with religions it shouldn't be seen exclusively for religions because it is needed in every discipline of study and practice.

for instance, you say that you refer to your spirituality when all else falls short. well, the reason for it is because you have "faith" that your spirituality will bring you to the conclusion that you seek.

others will refer to the Bible for that same reason and still others will refer to the Torah, or the Koran etc. some will try to rely simply on logic to come to their conclusions because of the same faith that they have in it to give them answers.

and as long as they can find the answers they seek they will retain that faith in that source.


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