Friday, October 16, 2009

Politics of Peace and War?

Grandpa was asked to give a speech at a local political rally and here was what he had to say,

“My friends,
I have no speech to give you on this occasion. Speeches are meant to be given in order to convince others of a certain way of thinking and to this end today I have no desire to convince anyone of anything. But I do have a quote I’d like each and everyone to think about. I will not reveal the author of that quote because I want you to ponder his words and the meaning behind them without the added influence of knowing who authored them.

Ideas are far more powerful than guns.  We do not allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?

Think about what is being said here. Ponder the meaning behind the words. There is a lot that can be justifiably implied from the above statement. First of all, I think that everyone can agree on the fact that the above statement is a political statement. I think we can all agree on the fact that the author is referring to a time of peace rather than a time of war also. I further think we can all agree that the enemy of which the author speaks of is within a nation over which rule has been established.

Now, the question becomes in ascertaining what type of political system would divide the people of a nation up into camps of allies vs. the enemy? If not the system that is at fault then what type of person would think that ideas other than his own and of his allies need to be suppressed and why?

What is it about a person’s ideas in regards to politics that he would think that he needed to disallow anyone else to have their own ideas in regards to politics? While the author is acknowledging that ideas are more powerful than guns, is he not also acknowledging that there are ideas out there that may be more powerful than his own ideas?

If so, then what are those ideas that he espouses to that he knows are less powerful then the ones he wishes to eliminate? If so, then what are the ideas that he considers so powerful as to think there is a need not to allow them?

What are those ideas that the author of the above statement would consider himself as being at war with? Maybe a better question is what is that idea that is so powerful that it doesn’t need to suppress the ideas of another man, even the ideas of a man who would suppress this idea if given an opportunity? What is it about this idea that gives itself such power over people or is it an idea that actually reveals the power already possessed by the people themselves?

When you ponder over these questions think of the following statement also.  Tis a quote from another man, a man whose ideas run along the same line as the man I have already quoted.

The meaning of peace is the absense of the opposition to socialism.

How many persons would take this as meaning that socialism is the politics of peace?

Questions, my friends that is all I have for you this day. But questions only you can answer for yourself. I cannot answer them for you nor can anyone else."

With this said grandpa stepped down and as he did, a hush fell over the room.


Rational Nation USA said...

A thought provoking post Griper.

Surely the words from the first quote were from a Bolshevik, socialist or communist.

The words of the second are but a logical continuation of the first. Probably by another socialist.

As I read Grandpa's words I see them as a warning to America with respect to our liberties, individualism, and pursuit of happiness.

I hope everyone is considering Grandpa's words.

RaDena said...

I cheated, Griper. I wanted to know who said them so I looked it up. I won't give it away here. I looked it up because I thought Obama may have been the author of one of those statements as it appears to me that he agrees with both of them.

Karen Howes said...

Scary, Griper, those quotes.

The Griper said...

tsk, tsk, tsk, Radena. hubby needs to take ya out behind the wood shed and give ya a "what for" for cheatin'. lolol

hope those quotes were more than just scary, karen, but seen as a warning of what will be if we give up our liberties.

i hope so too, RNA. i hope so too.

Conscious Observer said...

Hi ya gramps! “Hey…I’m proud of the greatest nation on earth… I love my country”….

I’m sending this greeting and invitation to my fellow American’s, (and others) who blog and whose blogs that I read “daily” since I got going on this with you all... to give a listen to my post “Viva America-Tribute to our Military”.

It’s for both our troops around the world protecting and creating democracy, and also for those of us who are also trying to preserve “the same” (including our own here at home)… in any way that we can.

America “IS” a beautiful place, friends, folks…

We can love it, we can hate it.

But there’s no denying all of the very and historically, “real change” that this great nation has either brought upon, delivered, created, or set an example of… to the world. No denying.

We’re in some rough and uncharted waters folks. Times are (always) changing…and I think that’s good. But all of you and the multitudes of others, are very much aware of what’s right and what’s wrong, and know that “civilization”, freedom, (liberties come with freedom), democracy, dignity, and ethical moral conduct, are the only things that will preserve freedom, challenge oppression, and offer peace to this ever changing world.

At the very least, I hope you might hum the chorus while you keep up the gallant and good fight to what is going on in our beloved city…America (The beautiful)

Conscious Observer said...

Hope you're doing well Gramps! I was hoping you have time to check out "G20. Where we going here MR. President?", now posted on Conscious Observer when you have some time.


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