Monday, October 19, 2009

Health Care Reform, or is it?

Well. people, You have a choice. You can submit obediently to the experts in white coats who cite all of their scientific statistics when it comes to health care reform or you can listen to the common people who rely on their unscientific experience of suffering when it comes to reform.  You have the choice of theoretical perfection or the reality of it with all of its imperfections.

Found a story where a new idea is being proffered to Congress about the litigation issue in regards to malpractice of health care reform.

Another Update:
Found this sampling of health reform over at Looking at the Left. Just thought you'd like to see what our representatives are using these days. Yes, these are being sold in Washington D.C. among other things as you'll see when you visit El Marco who snapped this pic.

click on the image to get the full picture.


Rational Nation USA said...

In Obama's America the truth can't be told by the politicians.

Those who do attempt to tell the truth get squashed.

And the kool aid offered to the people is oh so sweet.

So much for rational observance, the kool aid tastes great.

Spitfire said...

I think I prefer to listen to my body and the One who created said body....I like the doctor we have at the moment, but also don't believe she knows everything. He does....after all, He made me! So they can keep their healthcare reform, or public option or what ever they're calling it now and I'll just continue to listen to the One who really knows what my body needs. THank you so much. Shalom, Spitfire

Karen Howes said...

Griper, good vid. I make it a point to not refer to Obuggercare as "healthcare reform", but rather as a "healthcare TAKEOVER." That's what it is.

I think we also need to emphasize that soclialized medicine = really, really long lines. We Americans are NOT patient when it comes to waiting in line... we can't even wait 5 minutes in the checkout line at the grocery store without getting annoyed.

BB-Idaho said...

Help! I can't open the vid: not just yours, but any labeled as
'HTML Document', even at other sites. Along healthcare lines, I just received a nice note from my
insurer raising the rates another
35%, along with a letter suggesting
I go generic as well as go to their
subsidiary online drug. Signed by
an MBA!! Ordinarily with BigBiz, I just quit, but with health insurance they kinda got ya...
..back to the HTML thing, any

The Griper said...

mmmm, have you tried both arrows when attempting to open video?
do you have adobe flash player?
can you open it if you go to youtube site?

here is a help page from youtube for "video won't play". this might help you, BB

BB-Idaho said...

Got an updated Adobe flash player and YouTube works OK. Problem seems earlier in all I see on your post is a black square which reacts only to 'properties'. I have a missing link (or may even BE one!)

The Griper said...

mmm. sounds like a firewall problem, BB.
have you tried disabling popup blocker? then check firewall and see if it needs permission to allow it in your computer.

RaDena said...

Griper, I would love to post this excellent video. Would you please e-mail me the link to it?

The Griper said...

can you see it now? i did something different to it.

and can everyone else see the video also and play it?

BB-Idaho said...

I get the lower jpeg image, but still draw a blank on the HTML link to video. Messed with my firewall some, but no luck. Problem goes back a few weeks and is on my end: run into it elsewhere on other blogs. Since us old folk consider the PC as nothing more than a fancy typewriter, I will accept defeat
graciously. :)

The Griper said...

defeat is not an option in this house BB. i still have a few ideas.


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