Wednesday, October 21, 2009

With Equality comes Justice?

“Grandpa, why do you argue against the concept of Equality? It would seem to me that if people were to be treated fairly that treating people, as equals would be the fairest way of all. People all possess the same attributes. People all possess the same qualities. So, how can people not be seen as equals? How can you treat people fairly if you don’t treat them as equals?”

Grandpa just looked at me and said,

“ A very good question, boy, and one that man has been grappling with ever since they grasped the concept of justice. And it will be a question that haunts you for the rest of your life as you interact with others.

It is also a question that I can’t give you a real answer to either. Nobody can. The answer to that question will have to come from within you. I will only be able to give you a few ideas about it but you must take those ideas and build from them yourself.

First of all, boy, equality goes against the laws of the nature of our existence. Science teaches us that the very essence of our existence is the essence of power. Science also defines this power in terms of opposing forces. These forces are further defined in terms of motion and resistance. All objects, even man, possesses power of some degree and the amount of power that one object has can be determined when it interacts with another object. The object of greater power will have the ability to move an object of lesser power even though that object of lesser power will attempt to resist movement.

Equality, on the other hand, can only be achieved by the laws of man. And the laws of man can never have the power that the laws of nature possess. For the laws of nature recognizes the power each object possesses and declares that each object will abide by these laws, voluntarily or involuntarily. The laws of nature make no judgment of the behavior of any object.

The problem with the laws of man is that in order to achieve equality it is necessary to eliminate the power that some possess or to give power to some that do not possess it. This is an impossibility. The most that the laws of man can do is to forbid the use of power by those who possess it and penalize those who do not abide by the laws. This is not an achievement of equality.

This only creates the illusion of equality. And what gives man the right to go against the laws of nature by forbidding the use of some power? It is the God concept within us all that declares that there is a concept of morality by which we are bound to abide by. So, boy, even if every man abided by the laws as enacted, equality still would not be achieved.

We would only be living a life within an illusion rather than living in the reality of life as created. The justice that we’d find in this life would not be real. What greater injustice is there then to live in a world where injustice exists but cannot be seen? The voice of injustice that would exist in a state of illusionary equality would never be heeded for it would fall on the ears and eyes of the blind and deaf. You cannot create the illusion of equality without creating the illusion of justice achieved.”


The Griper said...

BB, a question: when i had those music videos on here, you were able to see and play them, couldn't you?

Karen Howes said...

I think the key is, what do we mean by "equality"? If we mean that we should all be treated equally under the law, then that's indeed good and right. If we mean it in a socialist-y, "no one should have more than anyone else", then that's a BAD thing-- contrary to nature, as you point out.

BB-Idaho said...

Griper, yes I could. At some point in the last couple of months this problem showed up. Perhaps one of those updates to Adobe or MS security? I use IE exclusively and do all their updates. Then, again, my wife uses Mr. computer as hasn't been enough pain to try 'system restore' yet.
Jefferson wrote that 'all men are created equal' while owning slaves. Would that be moral relativism, a mistake or just clever semantics? :)

The Griper said...

ok, BB,
can you see and play the youtube widget on the side bar?

BB-Idaho said...

I can see and play the YouTube widget, but the healthcare video in previous post remains a black square. (with a tiny white square, upper left containing a red square, green circle and blue triangle..kind of like this guy

A bit odd, perhaps a clue,
both the blank and the widget list identical properties, eg:
Protocol: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Type: HTML Document
Content: Not Encrypted

BB-Idaho said...

Somewhat gratifying: when I googled
'red square, green circle, blue triangle', 155,000 articles showed up. Us non-nerds must be legion! :)

The Griper said...

ok, we solved one problem amigo. that was the same for my music too. you can't see them in the post sections but can on the side bar. i had my music like that also. now whether it is Blooger or the template that i'm using that is causing the prob, i can't say.

like i said tho, defeat is not an option. lol


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