Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Education, Has Its Meaning Been Hijacked?

Have a college education fund for the kids? Think that those parents who do not plan ahead in order to send their kids to college are poor parents? Have we been indoctrinated to believe that a college education is a necessity now days instead of being a privilege as it once was?

Have we placed an emphasis on being taught by others that we have forgotten the meaning of being self-educated? Is society being brainwashed but being passed off as being an education?

Have we turned colleges and universities into trade schools rather than maintaining that they are institutions of learning? When we look at that sheepskin, does it indicate what kind of work we are qualified to do or does it indicate how much we have learned? When we send our kids off to college is it for the purpose of training them for a certain type of job that is better paying or do we send them off so that their minds are more informed by the education they will receive?

Yes, a lot of questions but I think they are very important questions that we as individuals, that we as parents, that we as a society must ask ourselves in today’s world. What brought on these questions in my mind? Reading about the 6 reasons not to save for kid’s college did.

What are your thoughts?


RaDena said...

I know a few recently graduated college graduates, Griper. With the exception of a couple of them I'm surprised they can spell their own name!

We sent our daughter to a community college where she learned Graphic Arts because that's what she loves. But with this economy the way it is no one is doing much hiring and it's going to get worse. She's working at a job which brings in only a little more than minimum wage, as are most of the other college graduates I know and some of them don't even have jobs! If the economy continues to spiral downward then sending children to college is simply going to be a waste of money.

tweetey30 said...

Griper my girls are 8 and 5 and we havent started saving for there college funds yet. I dont know if we ever will be able to. Its not that we are poor.. its because we live from paycheck to paycheck and dont have the extra money to put away for them. Sure I have heard people in our church say just pray for it and it will happen but you know what my opinion that is so far behind its not there at all..

I wasnt sent to college. I am a stay at home mom or working light industrial when I work through the temp agency when I work. Or I should say when they need me to work. Yikes HUH????

We home school on top of all this. So college?? I dont know yet. I am trying to socialize the girls the best we can. They have friends but the schools scare the crap out of me really Even colleges with has happened with the shootings and bombings in the last few years.

BB-Idaho said...

There is merit in working our way though college..I did. But back in those days (the middle ages), tuition was real cheap! Now days we hear of kids graduating with over $100,000 in student loans. Poor way to start adult life, huh?
I guess in a way colleges are trade schools..I majored in chemistry and that became my trade.
But, I learned a great deal about other subjects and developed interests outside my 'trade'. We probably attach to much importance to a sheepskin, but that seems to be what business is looking for these days..and business cares not if you took paleontology, French composers, philosophy, sculpture,
or comparative anatomy..as long as you passed accounting! :)

The Griper said...

i agree, BB. i think we also place too much emphasis on time too. we make kids feel as if they need college now, at this moment. it's as if we are forcing them to go to college and declaring that if they don't they will end up as a failure in life. college, in my mind, should be something we want not something we need. like you, i paid my way through college but i didn't cram it into a few years or right after high school. it has taken years for me to get the education i have and i still go when i see a course or two that really sounds interesting to me.

Karen Howes said...

You asked for thoughts, so here are mine:-)...

1. Since when are parents obligated to pay for their kids' college? I paid my own way, and still have student loan debt to prove it.

2. College is largely a waste of money. It's horribly expensive, abysmal in quality (only teaches kids leftist propaganda), and doesn't even ensure you'll be able to get a decent-paying job.

It's like paying $100,000 for a Mercedes and getting a Yugo instead.

I advise people to are planning on traditional university education to make sure they study something that will actually pay off, like medicine. Otherwise, I recommend looking into trade and technical schools.

The Griper said...

everybody made good points on this. that is good.

Spitfire said...

I am a former public school teacher, and can honestly say we are not educating kids...our public schools are trying to turn out automatons. Know the formula and spit out the answer....no out of the box thinking or creativity.

I also homeschool my son. So as a now single income family, saving is a REAL trick! We do save some, but not much. As for college, well, Little Critter is 9, so he's started a savings account with his birthday/Hannukah money, but it's doubtful he will want to go to college. I'm teaching him to learn for himself and how to do that. Then he can take college classes as he wants, but will be able to learn new things without the expense of formal college.

We feel it's more important to teach him basics (3 R's), respect, love of YHWH, family and country, and duty/patriotism. That isn't taught in schools anymore. My folks helped us pay for our first year in college while we got used to not living at home. Then we had to foot the bill ourselves. It taught us a lot about responsibility, self worth, and frugality. Don't see where it harmed us at all. Those are just my thoughts. Shalom, Spitfire

Foxwood said...

We've gotten whee we are because we've been sleeping while the teachers indoctrinate. Socialists ans Communists have infiltrated our schools. Explain to me why children know more about Che and Mao than the founding fathers?


Hack said...

Colleges are little more than leftist indoctrination havens anymore.


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