Monday, October 12, 2009

The Health of Our Children??

We’re complaining about the healthiness of kids now days, even going so far as declaring it a health crisis. Well, it seems as if science has come up with one reason why that may be so. Now I am not saying that this is the only reason or even the primary reason. But it is food for thought for any newlyweds to talk about when the idea of raising a family is being discussed.  I will also admit that from personal experience of having a working mother and my eating habits, I'd give a lot of credibility to the findings.


Karen Howes said...

Griper, I've been saying for awhile now that it's not good for married women to work full-time-- especially if they have kids. It just seems to be a bad thing on many levels, and this is one more.

RaDena said...

I believe it, Griper, because I have known women with children who work full time who don't take the time to cook regular meals. It is possible to raise children and feed them well though by cooking regular meals as I know two women who do that. They prepare breakfast in the morning and cook dinner each and every night. The only food they don't prepare is the school lunch. I think kids were better off when mom's packed their lunches for them too, but for the most part that seems to be a thing of the past.

I still believe it's best to stay at home and be there for your children all the time though, unless you can schedule a job where you are away at the same time your children are in school but that's pretty hard to do. We've lost a lot in this society. What have women gained? They say they've gained their freedom, but if they wanted freedom why did they decide to raise a family? That decision was freedom of choice, it was choosing to give up your freedom in order to raise children who were able to turn out as responsible adults. It's pretty impossible to be free if you are putting your children above yourself. They have needs that are more important than yours.

I'll stop. I could rant all day on this one but I'll spare you. :)

BB-Idaho said...

It seems to cost about a quarter million for
each loveable urchin. I don't wonder why moms work...

The Griper said...

and if we believe in the supply and demand theory of economics, we must also say that women going to work is also one of the reasons that the costs are as high as they are, no, BB?

The Griper said...

is it a matter of choice of freedom vs being a mother, Radena, or is it a matter of choice of career vs a vocation?

Spitfire said...

Griper, I am a stay at home mom...but even when I work during tax season, I cook three meals a day for us. The main problem is less women working and more they weren't taught how to be keepers of the home. It's not real tough to put something in the crockpot in the morning for dinner that night, or pack healthy lunches for each member of the family the night before. But it does require planning ahead of time.

Now, I'm lucky since even when I'm working during tax season, I bring Little Critter with me. We regularly snack on fresh fruit or veggies and don't eat sugary foods or drinks. We eat a Mediterranean type diet and have since he was little bitty.

But we're 'older' parents too, and were taught that when you choose to have children, then you are choosing to do what's best for them. I don't see evidence of that being taught the last couple generations....something to do with the culture of death this country now promotes I believe.

Those are just my thoughts on this. Shalom, Spitfire

The Griper said...

and good thoughts they be too, spitfire.


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