Friday, June 19, 2009

Friends, How Far does One Go?

I took the book down that I was reading before, laid down on the floor in front of the fireplace, opened it up where I had left a marker and began reading once more.

“As Hope looked at this man she called, Master, she wondered what it will feel like when he decides to use her to satisfy his needs. She had been used before but the feelings within her were different this time. There was a longing within her for him to decide to take her and unite them as only a woman can unite with a man. With this thought she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to take her back to the first time.

It was a warm day and a day that she would like to forget but knows it will be a day etched into her mind so deeply she could never forget. It was also a day that her father regretted for the rest of his life for he had left her alone at home while he went into town for supplies. Her only companion would be her mother who lied out under the big oak tree. She had died giving the girl birth and her father had created a little garden spot out of where she lay.

While she was working, doing chores that her father gave, a horse walked through the gate. As she looked, she smiled for it was the one man her father called friend. Being the good little hostess, she was taught to be she asked him into the house and offered him a hot cup of coffee. He nodded with a smile, got off his horse and followed her into the house.

As he sat there with his coffee in his hands she noticed him looking at her with a look that she had never seen before and it sent shivers up her spine. She tried avoiding his eyes but she knew he was still staring and then she heard him sit the cup down and get up.

She heard him walk around the table towards her and she felt his hand grab her arm. He pulled her up and started dragging her into the next room where the bedroom door was. She tried to fight but he just held her tighter and gave her a couple of good whollops across the face. Once in the bedroom he just tore her clothes off and threw her on the bed. Taking his pants off he proceeded to have his way with her and there was no attempt to be gentle.

Once finished with her he just got up looked at her swollen face as he put his pants back on then without a word he left. Hearing the front door open and shut, she finally got off the bed painfully. She watched him ride out the gate and then she just sat down at the table and began to sob. That is where her father found her when he got home that evening. The story came rushing out of her in a flood of tears.

Her father just looked at her, said nothing, and just started to put away the supplies. She felt she had lost something very precious that day but not another word was said about it between the two of them. One day, a few months later, while in town with her father she heard rumors. They had found a man beaten to death. And from the looks of him, he had taken a long time, days even, to die. When asked, her father's only comment was "he is my best friend, you are my daughter."

She then stole a glance up into her Master's face. This man was a lot like her father in this way, "once a friend always a friend" was their motto. Each dealt with friendship as the situation demanded of them, her father with his friend, her Master with his back in town. In that instance she knew that both men felt they had lost a very special gift also.”

At that point I just slowly closed the book and glanced over to grandpa. I had a better understanding of what he means when he calls someone a friend. Then I glanced over a grandma and in that minute I knew a vulnerability within her that I had never recognized before.


Karen K said...

Wow. This is quite a story, Griper.

The Griper said...

hope it says something, karen.

tweetey30 said...

For some reason this sounds familiar like i have read it some where before.. Not sure though but yes a very powerful story..

Anonymous said...

hmmm ..i know that book is a beautiful story filled with lessons of life ...respect ..
very powerful one too

The Griper said...

thought you might remember that story, sha. lol

and yes, tweety, you might have done exactly that. :)

Ahmed Khaled said...

This is such a great story, Griper. Can you tell me the name and author of the following book, please?

Thank you in advance.


The Griper said...

ty for the compliment but the book cannot be bought anywheres. The author is myself.

RaDena said...

One true friend is worth more than any amount of gold.

Thank you, Griper.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Amazing story Griper - proud to know one of the best on the net. Amazing how such a story is pertinent to today and also timeless.....


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