Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tales of Death, Tales of Life

Twas the darkest of paths, this night he traveled alone
Not a star in the heavens, not even a moon
Loneliness his companion, silence his friend
Off in a distance, the flicker of a light, a promise of hope.

Twas a fire ablaze, this he saw
The promise of warmth, the promise of talk
Around it huddled the souls of many, all together yet alone
In the dancing flames, fear was seen in every eye.

A sound they heard, closer it came
T'was the walk of the living dead
Of this they knew though not a word was said
As each of them listened, the closer it came
The eeriest of moans, shackles and chains.

Then the sounds were no more, not a word was said
T'was the darkest of nights, the time of the dead
With the crackle of the flames, a shiver they felt
Not from the chill of the cold cold night
but from the fear which lived within them all.

A whisper of a voice broke the dreaded air
A whisper so low, yet ever so loud on this eeriest of nights
From where, none could see, none could tell
A whisper of the dead, a voice from Hell?

"The warmth of the fire, bread to sup
A sip of water that I might drink
Of this I ask, of this I beg"
Came the whisper softly, through the night.

"For each, in return, this I have
A story to tell, a tale to spin
One for each, three for all
Nothing more, tis all I have, nothing more, this I give."

He stepped into the light, this they heard
The clank of shackles the ring of chains
Covered in cloth, tattered and worn
Bare were his feet, bloody and torn.

His head hung low, as if in shame
His shoulders were stooped, his body bent in pain
Welts covered the back, the marks of the scorned
Eyes were redden, without a soul
A face grooved from tears,, weary and worn
A ghost of a man, this they saw.

Borne were his burdens, many were they
Through the cracks of his lips, the tongue so swollen
Came these words, the words were said
A whisper they heard as crisp as the night.

"The stories I have, the tales I tell
True will they be each, true will they be all.
May you be forewarned, may it be foretold
No greater truths will you hear, no lies will you know"

"For, if it was of the yore or of the day
If neither of these , then of the morrow
Of truth be each, of truth be all
One story will be yours, of this I say."

"I can return no more, give you no less
Offer what you can, offer what you will
I'll take what you give, or I'll have none at all"
T'is the destiny of a man, donned in shackles and chains.

For those who listened, these are the tales he told
For those that felt pity, tragedy and woe was heard
For those of compassion, trust and life was found
Each tale told that all may know

For the warmth of the fire,
T'was a tale of a love that was lost
A love that warmed the heart
A love that heated the soul

For a sip of the water,
Each heard of the shackles of shame
Trust in himself, this he knew was lost
Lost in the deepest and darkest of pits

For a crust of bread,
The chains of dishonor was the tale he told
The welts upon his back, each was received
That he remember, that he may forever tell

Each tale he told, each tale was heard
For those that heard, their future was told
For those that listened, forwarned were they

"Seek life for yourself, allow others the same
Allow no man to be your master
Allow no man, for you decide
Shackled you be if you do
Chains you feel if you fail"


RaDena said...

And more shackled this nation becomes every day because so many have chosen an earthly master. The only master I answer to is God.


AmPowerBlog said...

Hi Griper!

SjP said...

Hey Griper! Much obliged for this message. You could not possibly know just how much I needed it. I am reminded that my soul is grounded in the Lord. Much obliged!


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