Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Mystery of Beauty


amanofwonder said...

Wow Griper,

Now I got lottsa more things to think about that makes my head hurt! You sure don't give a guy a moments rest do yah!

The Griper said...

just wait, my friend, your head will really hurt with my next post. :)

Lista said...

I Agree with Man of Wonder, Griper, I was sick for Awhile and then when I Finally come Back to the Blogs, I Realized that you have Written Far more than I Could Possibly Read. Due to the Thought Provoking Nature of what you Write, Griper, you Probably Shouldn't be Posting more than a Couple Posts a Weak, yet your Pace Lately has been Twice that and I Guess that's Because you have Posted Three Days in a Row.

I Wonder how many More of your Readers Feel Over Whelmed at Times when you Blog Moves so Fast.

The Griper said...

i would suggest you read what manof wonder says in my last post before making any judgments on my posting lista.

Lista said...

Why should any thing that Man of Wonder has to Say have any Bearing on my Own Personal Opinion that you are Posting too Fast for me too Keep Up with. I'm Still Working on the Sixth Post Down.

Man of Wonder Appeared to be Saying in his Above Comment that his Head Hurts and he wouldn't Mind at all if you Gave him a Moments Rest. If I Misunderstood than that is for him to Clear Up, but that Bears Absolutely no Influence One way or the Other on my Opinion that you are Posting too Fast.

If I'm the Only One who Feels that Way than Fine. Go on without me. That's always been the Story of my Life anyway.

Lista said...

Oh and BTW, as Long as we are Talking about Beauty, I'd Like to Add that Beauty is only Skin Deep, but to Truly Love a Woman, you have to Love her for what is on the Inside as well.


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