Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Update from the Vacationing Griper Who by the way Hasn't Had Much to Gripe About Lately

Well it has been a wonderful time here visiting my family. Been pretty warm here also. The locals are still running around in shorts and short sleeved shirts here even though the weather is down to an average of 60 degrees during the day and is getting down to the 40's at night. It has even gotten so hot as to reach a sweltering 80 degrees a couple of days here. Of course, it has rained at least once or twice a week also.

Below is a picture of the main part of the town. As you can see it still is a two lane type of town yet. To the right of the picture out of sight is the park that sits on a small lake as shown in the second picture aptly named Round Lake.

Below you see my old high school or I should say my school, for at the time of my graduation it contained every grade from kindergarten through high school. It now is the town library where I am at now as I write this post.


Lista said...

Yeh, People in Colder Climates Wear Shorts in Colder Temperatures. Even I don't Very Often Wear Long Sleeve Sweaters anymore while Visiting Southern California in the Winter Time. I always do Take a Sweater along, yet Quite often, do not Use it. I do when it's 60 Degrees, though so many of your Winter days are Warmer than that, even into the Evening.

Lista said...

Nice Pictures and I'm Glad you're having a good time.

BB-Idaho said...

Beautiful locale. I'm sure
Grandma & Grandpa don't mind if you settle in and
sit a spell...but remember,
Michigan winter is just around the corner.

The Griper said...

He grins,
Thank you, Lista.

You're right, BB but they did tell me that the ol' gray mare was only a loan and I needed to get her back home where she belonged.

Almost hate to leave with the changing of the colors of the leaves and scenery.

Have to say tho that I am feeling a lot better physically too.

So, I'll probably start back the first of the week making a couple of stops in Wisconsin first.

tweetey30 said...

Its beautiful.. Green Bay is ok to see but hopefully you can still make it through. I left you an e-mail with phone numbers and address. There is a restaurant right around the corner from my house we can chat at if you would like. Just let me know. N..


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