Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Ol' Gray Mare is Taking a Trip

Well, grandpa must really trust me. He has allowed me the use of the ol' gray mare to take a trip back to see my family in Michigan. Will be spending about a month or so back there. Might even stay long enough to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with them. Got my bills all set up where I can pay them online, so that will be no hindrance to the length of time I can spend there.

Its about a 2300 mile trip so, I'll just give ol' Bessie freedom of the rein and take my time getting there. Should take me about a week to get there. Will be good to see them and meet a few new nephews and nieces that have been brought into the world since last time I was there plus see how the others have grown up.

Will be a lot of memories to catch up on and new memories to be made. And next year is a class reunion too.

Dawg will go crazy with all of the territory she will have access to just to run her legs off.

Once I get there I'll head for the library computers to let all my friends here know that I have arrived safely.


BB-Idaho said...

You and Dawg have a good time (and remember, Michigan is colder than
California this time of year).

msladydeborah said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Lista said...

Sounds Like Fun. Yes, Please do have a Ball. When do you Leave?

Rational Nation said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip.


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