Friday, August 13, 2010

A Humorous Example of Collectivism

I couldn't help but chuckle when I first saw this ad. It struck me funny with its obvious implications which is;

"Have we come so far in this society that certain careers can now be race determined?"

Now, do not get me wrong I do understand the intent behind this ad but that still doesn't hide what can only be called an obvious implication in terms of such a delicate nature of the issue of race in this nation. Regardless of the reaction I may get I still think the idea is humorous by its implication


tweetey30 said...

Its no better than those viagra commercials on tv when your kids are asking questions about what its used

The Griper said...

viagra,,ok,,what is that? lol

BB-Idaho said...

Seems they have all kinds of humorous ads and odd
collectives for just about
everyone ..which apparently includes me!

The Griper said...

so true, BB, so true. and the thing is that we usually do not see it along the lines of collectivism until we begin to actually think of it in terms of collectivism.

whether or not that is harmful to a society is another question.


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