Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Civil War of the Collectives in This Nation

Whether we like it or not this nation has come to the point where we think in terms of collectivism rather than thinking in terms of individualism. And this includes those on the right as well as those on the left politically. This is one concept that it can be said that the people of this nation are united in.

The proof in the pudding is found in how large our central government has grown and the power it has obtained over those it governs and its creators. It would never have grown this big without the approval of those that created it whether that approval be implicit or explicit. And that approval can only be called an approval of the collective.

Who is to be held responsible for this transition of individualism to collectivism? If we, as individuals, are to accept responsibility for ourselves then responsibility lies in the heart and mind of everyone including the individual States. And I do not leave myself out as an individual in regards to the responsibility of this transition. We have all submitted to this transition knowingly or unknowingly.

When we speak of collectivism we must see it in respect to the individuals within that collective. To look upon in terms of other collectives is to do so at the expense of the individual within each collective. And the price that the individual must pay is the loss of his identity as an individual as well as his rights.

It is the collective mindset that leads to the stereotyping of our own group as well as other groups. And it is stereotyping that results in prejudicial and biased thoughts. Unjust profiling of individuals are also the result of this mindset.

The collective mindset is a dependent mindset. In other words it breeds dependency rather then independency. The individual depends upon the collective to validate his every thought and action. Honor is lost because the collective mindset views the value of things on the outcome of action taken rather than the valuing things based upon the means used to bring about the outcome.

The collective mindset is very dangerous. It does not approve of any thoughts outside of the perimeters it has set. And where there exists collectives within a collective it polarizes the main collective. And we are witnessing that today in this society as we see this nation polarized into two political camps.

Each camp polarized by a common understanding within the camp of how to interpret the Constitution. Each camp polarized by their understanding of what role the federal government has in this society. Each camp polarized on the solutions to the problems that this nation faces. Each camp attempting to gain power through the demeaning and belittling the other so that they can legislate solutions that concur to their own collective political ideology.

The only conclusion one can reach as a result of this is that we are at war with each other in this nation. The only difference being is that the weapons being used in this civil war are not guns but the weapons of words. And given the power of words and their ability to destroy a people I can say only one thing.

While I have faith in our Constitution and love of this country my hope of the people who took the oath to abide by that Constitution and protect the rights declared in that Constitution is seriously being challenged. For the end result of this war will be the death of the individual.


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'll admit. I have a certain degree of sympathy for your positions. I would, however, caution that the rather incestuous relationship between BOTH parties and corporate America does in fact complicate the matter - unfortunately.

TRUTH 101 said...

We have been a collective since the dawn of time Mr. Griper. We are social animals. It's served our species well.

Always On Watch said...

Interesting essay.

For some reasons, humans have always yearned for the collective mentality. A search for some kind of utopia? I think so.

The Griper said...


"A search for some kind of utopia? I think so."

and that is an interesting thought also. one that never entered into my mind as to the purpose of a collective.

and a thought that its validity could be found in the fact that as individuals we could never find utopia by the reasoning of the recognition of our imperfection thus the need to find it as a collective.


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