Monday, March 01, 2010

Massachussetts or Indiana, Your choice of Health Care Plans

Here is affirmation of everything I have been harping on for the last three months of articles on Self-insurance plans or as they are called, Health Savings Accounts.

It is also affirmation for those who advocate the application of the tenth amendment to government or the idea of State rights over Federal government rights when it comes to the general welfare clause in the Constitution in regards to the people.  We have the perfect example here of how diversity of ideas, implemented, can affect the people over a centralized idea that would affect a whole nation.

We have two states that approached the idea of health care with different plans, Massachusetts and Indiana.  One state decided to use a plan that could be called a variation of Obamacare and the other state chose to rely on the free market for their plan.  One state relied on the government while the other state relied on the individual.

Here is a report on how well Indiana has done with their plan by the governor of that state, Governor Mitch Daniels.  I might also add a personal account by someone who is participating in a Health Saving Account, and who I might add deserves a hat tip from this writer for the lead for this post, Just a Conservative Girl. 

In contrast to the above reports we have this little gem about how well the cities of Massachusetts are coping with Health Care costs  This little story comes from a resident of Massachusetts,  Lady Di over a Quickwit

Here is another story about the effects of health care when the government decides that they are acting in the best interests of the people. This little gem of a story from the U.K about their system of health care and a hat tip to Mr. Jacobson over at Le-gal In'sur'rec'tion. Follow the links that he has so generously provided to see the whole of the story.

What it comes down to is that reality does not mirror the promises of Socialism in any way.  And when we are talking about health care we are talking about the very lives of the people.

In essence, my friends, you have a choice to make. You can follow the Left down the path of Socialism or you can follow the Right down the path of Free Enterprise.  You can depend upon yourselves to make the decisions of your life or depend upon the politicians in Washington to make those decisions for you. Where do you believe that the decisions in regard to your life and the lives of your loved ones lies?



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