Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Arithmetic, Population Growth, and Energy Use on This Earth and The Human Moral Dilemma?

Grandpa just sat back in his chair after listening to some videos from youtube. You could see that he was very disturbed by what he had watched. And from past experience I knew that when grandpa was this disturbed over something I knew that it was something I needed to be disturbed about also. These are the first two videos he was watching. There are six more videos in regards to this lecture by Dr, Albert Bartlett of the University of Colorado, a professor of Physics.

The choice will be yours, my friends on whether or not to listen to the rest of the videos. I will guarantee that if you do watch the whole series that you will also sit back and do a little thinking yourself. It could also challenge your ideas of morality and I think that is the most disturbing consequence of the conclusion that is reached here. So consider yourself warned.

Part 1 of 8

Part 2 of 8

To view the rest of the series just click on the word "youtube" at the bottom of either video.



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