Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Liberal Theory of Redistribution From the Rich to The Poor Debunked by Reality

Wow, putting people in prison can have a effect on the crime rate of a society.  All of the theories that redistribution from the rich to the poor would solve this problem were debunked by reality.  Research actually backs up the claim made in the video.  Here is an article by the Los Angeles Times that affirms the claim


BB-Idaho said...

Deep in the LA article, it was noted that extension of unemployment benefits may have played a role. Dunno about crime/economic data, but suspect
both homeless and white collar execs partake (if they got the criminal DNA :))...

The Griper said...

i may be wrong in this BB but i always thought that when facts defies the accepted theory you look for something that wasn't considered in the theory in the first place or any changes of one of the factors of that theory. and based upon this reports the only change i see is in law enforcement not in unemployment benefits.

logic would seem to say that
unemployment compensation might be a contributor to the old theory because it paid less than the full salary thus, for a lot of persons, would result in not being able to pay all of his bills.

but like i said i am not an expert and being a scientist you'd have more expertise in this area than i would. do i make sense?

Tom said...

Pay no attention to the facts and reality - they distort the fantasy that is created by the elites in government...


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