Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grandpa is Accused of Being a Vulcan?

Grandpa and I were sitting in the local barbershop waiting our turn to get our hair cut and as usually it does whenever men gather the conversation among the patrons turned to politics. The talk was lively but good-hearted, as each knew that they were among friends. One of the men accused grandpa of being cold hearted and without pity towards the poor and one could hear a little bit of disrespect in his words as he said it.

Grandpa, knowing that this was just an argument of emotion rather than an argument of reason, just grinned as he heard this. He retorted by saying,

“ Yes, I have often been accused of having a Vulcan bloodline in my family tree. But of what value is taking pity on the poor with government programs if it leads us to the day that the government is bankrupt? As we saw by the previous post the debts that our governments already have matches the total output of the economy now.

We can see by the chart on the left that the big four items of the federal government will take up 60% of the 2011 budget. That is only in dollars. Put in constant dollars that percentage goes up to 71%. And remember these are items that the right says are unconstitutional items and are items that deal directly with the lives of those that you say I have no pity for.

And as we see by the chart it would appear that the federal government is going down the same path of the big three auto manufacturers. But who is there to bail out the government?” Everyone talks about soaking the rich but even the rich do not have enough money to bail the federal government out of the mess it is in. And as we hear in the news it is not only the federal government that is having problems with its debt. The state governments are having the same problem with their budgets.

So, my friend, you can call me cold-hearted and without pity for the poor if you want to but my grandson is the most important person in my life besides my wife and I’ll teach him that he will need to accept full responsibility for his life. I say this because there is no doubt in my mind that one day he’ll be forced to because there will be nobody else that can do it for him. He’ll learn that his family is to be the first priority in his life and that their welfare takes precedence over anyone else’s. And the figures on these charts are but a forewarning of what the future holds for this nation and our children if our politicians don’t start showing some backbone.”



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