Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living Under Socialism will be the Result of the Excuses that we The People Use to Bring it About

We have become a nation of spenders not savers as our parents and grandparents were. According to the article of excuses used, the U.S. Commerce Dept. of economic analysis says we had a negative savings rate for the first time since the Depression in 2005 and it got worse in 2006. I cannot imagine what it is now four years later. We cannot blame the recession because we’ve had many recessions since the Depression.

As the article states, we use many excuses for not saving our money but the ones that stuck out in my mind was excuses #1 and #4 of the attitude of not having enough money thus letting someone else do it. The first thought that came to mind was the socialistic idea of letting government do it.

We must remember that money has no other purpose of existence other than for spending. We save money for the purpose of spending that money for future needs. That is the only way that money has any value. When we haven’t put any money away for that rainy day we end up bitching that we do not have any money to take care of those needs when the future becomes the present.

And that is exactly the excuse the politicians in Washington are using to get their socialistic programs passed. So, as long as we continue to spend our money instead of going back and become a nation of savers I guarantee you one day soon we will be a nation of socialism just like the Socialists have predicted over and over again.

So, my friends, its time to stop blaming Obama and the democrats for taking this nation down the path of socialism and start doing the one thing that will prevent socialism and that is to start becoming a nation of savers again. Start with yourselves and instill the saving principle into our children.  Teach them young and teach them why.  A savings plan only takes 5 minutes to put down on paper but it takes a lifetime of work. But, when it comes the time to spend it as planned that life time of work will reveal itself as a worthy goal.

It will also be the most significant political statement that any family can make too.  We are already witness to the political statement that spending our money has made.  The politicians have heard it loud and clear.  So it be your choice.  Continue to spend and yell loud and clear that socialism is what you want our politicians to enact into law or begin a plan to save and yell that the free enterprise system of economics is what we want.

Article of excuses
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