Monday, January 25, 2010

The Long Long Line

When grandpa had finished talking to the man he looked down at me and said,
"Boy, when a man says you gave him something to think about you have accomplished about all you can expect from your listeners. Now let's head on home"

When we got home grandpa went straight to the computer and brought up this song by Kathleen Stewart. She has sung at the "Tea Party" gatherings. Then check out the Seattle Tea Party, The Crazy Left.


SjP said...

Catchy tune. Really like it. I'll remember to sing it the next time I have to wait 10 hours to see a quick care doctor because my personal doctor is all booked up...::singing:: its a long long line :>)

The Griper said...

yes, that was my first thought too, SJP. lol
but, then again waiting two weeks to get an appointment with your personal doctor seems to always be a long long time when you are sick.

even ten hours seems like a lifetime when sick or are injured.:)

oh for the days when doctors made house calls, huh?


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