Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Voice From the Past on Socialized Medicine

Grandpa, being his nosy self again, was reading my entries in regard to the health care problem and when he got finished, he just sat there for a moment pondering the words I wrote. Then he had this to say;

“Boy, the words you wrote sound mighty familiar to me. Seems like I heard a man make an argument very much like the one you used some 50 years ago. It appears that the adage of history repeating itself has a lot of truth in it. Makes me wonder at times the hold a political ideology has over a man that he would attempt to get government to do something that has been rejected by the people as many times as socialized medicine has been.

Listen, boy, to the words of the man in this video. The arguments for and against socialized medicine haven’t changed in more than 50 years. The only thing that is different is the man who speaks them. Then ask yourself if the backers of socialized medicine are really the voice of the people as they promote themselves to be. ”

I leave the rest up to you, my friends. Myself, I respect the wisdom of those who came before me.

For those of my friends who cannot see the video, here is a link to the youtube site where the video is from.
A voice from the past


LandShark 5150 said...

Griper -- This vid says it all. It is a great cap to your six part series on the issue.
I am honored to be listed on your blog roll. Thank you, Sir.
Your blog looks great, keep up the fight and I look forward to many more from you. Thank you for the comment on mine and you are always welcome back. Again Thank you. sharky

BB-Idaho said...

Alas, all I get is a black square so cannot digest whatever it was.
I CAN observe, though, that 50 years ago, my folks had no health insurance, didn't need it, healthcare was a bargain. Guess I'm too sentimental, but gosh, those were
the days ...:)

The Griper said...

ahhh that is right, i forgot you can't get videos when they are a part of a post, BB.

and sharky, ty for the inspiration for this post.

BB-Idaho said...

Well, Griper, rather interesting:
President Reagan's vid shows up now. I just updated the Adobe Flash Player. (Or did you do something on your end?)

The Griper said...

nope, BB, the only thing i did was add the link at the bottom of the post for you. so, it must have been your update

Karen Howes said...

The whole country needs to hear that speech, Griper.

WomanHonorThyself said...

nice find Griper...bring back the says of sanity!!:)

dcat said...

we need to continue where the good ones left off!

Anonymous said...

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