Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Small Change can do so Much, It Seems.

Hope everyone likes the new look of the blog as you entered. Was just fooling around last night searching for widgets when I found the one on top right.  One thing that was a pleasant surprise was how well it it blended in with the title bar. To me, it creates the impression of making the whole page look bigger.

If anyone is looking for widgets I recommend this site.  Youu can spend the whole day there just viewing all of the different widgets they have to offer and they do not cost a dime.  And, on some they have small apps so you can create your own look to them.  That is what I did with this new wideget I added.


BB-Idaho said...

A widget? I thought it was a
'blog welcome mat'...
very nice!

The Griper said...

thank you , my friend. it does fit nicely where it is at, doesn't it?


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