Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to Give the Eyes a Rest Today, Give the Ears a Workout

Grandpa says that it is time to give my friend's eyes and brains a little rest so just sit back as we travel back to the '80's and allow your ears to take in some good songs.

I think these will be an enjoyable surprise for your ears. it sure was for me the first time i heard this man sing.

Save the Last Dance for me

This next one might be a surprise also. Found a couple of versions of this song. Had a hard time choosing too. Look who is backing him on this one. How many remember the girls backing him up on this song?

Respect yourself


Bungalow Bill said...

I liked a couple cuts off of his Bruno record.

I agree with your comments on the First Amendment, but I think we should pick carefully this opportunity. I think Tebow will touch millions on Super Sunday. I would hate to see CBS rob people of that because another commercial makes it easier to remove the commercial.

RepublicanGirl said...

The people have spoken, they are fed up with the liberal crap that's been shoved down their throats.

Anonymous said...

The Griper said...

it sure is nice to know that you know the minds of Republicans so well, truth, that you can make so many unsubstantiated assumptions about them.

have to say i wish i had that kind of powers also.

TRUTH 101 said...

What you must understand Griper is that republicans may be able to fool the weak minded and bigoted, BUT THEY MOST CERTAINLY CANNOT FOOL THE ORACLE!
Another liberal genius?

Anonymous said...

take your party back.

You deserve more than Eric Cantor, John Boehner and Dick Cheney.
-just as Democrats deserve more than Ben Nelson, Max Baucus and Harry Reid.

Sure we're gloating and generalizing. Why? Because most of the of the Republicans occupying that room couldn't carry Chuck Hagel's, John McCain's or Lincoln Chaffee's balls with steel ladles.

When the GOP stops being led by the religious right, the corporations and the Super Rich, WHICH is not impossible, I'll take them seriously.

dcat said...


What game?

Who watches commercials?

sue said...

Griper - I like your blog, your attitude - and Bruce Willis.


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