Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Role of Government

The sole role of government, any government, is to rule over the lives of the people within the realm of that rule. In order to serve the people in this role it must have the authority to enact laws and the power to enforce those laws. With each law enacted the government dictates to the people what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do by implicit approval or explicit disapproval. This is true of any government regardless of the form of government the people live under.

No government can take on the role of protecting the individual rights of the people. For one to believe that it can, must also believe that government has all the powers of God. The role of government is to punish those who have already violated the rights of another.

In order to protect the rights of an individual it would require that the government be allowed to act preemptively without probable cause that the violation of a right was about to occur. God would need no probable cause because He would already know that a right was about to be violated.

Every individual, regardless of whether he is viewed as being among the weak or a person who is considered as being among the powerful, has the responsibility of protecting his own rights. Any people unwilling or incapable of protecting their own rights do not deserve to possess that right. That is one of the first prominent lessons we need to learn from the history of the nation.

When the people forget that it is the government’s role to rule and begin to think that it is government’s role to satisfy the personal needs and desires of the people then it is time to begin to distrust the intent and purpose of government itself. It will be at that time when trust in government will be deep enough so that the people will give up the right of liberty voluntarily. It will be at that time when it can be said that the people have taken on the mindset of socialism.

Think about this, my friends. Think it through deeply as to its meaning and how it will affect you as a person. Then think deeper and ascertain how it will affect your children and their children for its affect will differ for each generation.

I have declared my thoughts now so I leave you to yours. Make the most of right to think for yourself. if you do not then there will always be someone lurking around the corner who would be most happy to do it for you.


Beth said...

I thought that you were much smarter then to try to argue with that disgusting blind, Left-wing slanted idiot Truth101!
Please don't even try to convince that idiot of anything, he just spins and twists your words to make you look foolish.

The Griper said...

he smiles, good mornin beth.

don't worry, i don't need to try to convince anyone of anything. read my "about me" and you'll see why.

Rational Nation USA said...

I'm back Griper! And like always I have a slanted take on most everything.

Great to see you on the liberal blogs stirring up the waters. I was beginning to think me and Left Coast Rebel were amongst the few engaged in such noble activity.

Our form of Republic, government of the people, by the people, and for the people has ceased to exist in modern day socialist/statist dogma.

Both the Rhino's and the Lefties are responsible. It is indeed unfortunate that few realize this. But what the heck, we are who we are, right?

Take it easy on TRUTH 101, he does have it right from time to time, and at least he he is not a dxrone for the radical left. TAO is another with a unique and independent perspective that can be instructional from time to time.

See you around on the blogosphere my friend, and I can always use the reinforcements! :-)

The Griper said...

ahhh no worries, RN. glad to see ya back.

i'm still in the warm up stage of my debating. need to remain there awhile before i fire both barrels. still need to get the rustiness out.

TRUTH 101 said...

I would say you need some more practice Griper.

The Bill of Rights is to protect individual rights. The threat of capture and punishment is the role of government.

If you are wronged you call the police or file suit in civil court. If of course you are in imminent danger you have the right to protect yourself.

These sentences you posted are almost scary if I didn't think you were sane enough to retract them: "Any people unwilling or incapable of protecting their own rights do not deserve to possess that right. That is one of the first prominent lessons we need to learn from the history of the nation."

You are advocating thatonly the strongest are deserving of freedom and the American Dream my friend.

Perhaps you should delete this post and start over Dude.

The Griper said...

if i didn't think i could defend the words i write i wouldn't have written them in the first place, truth.

TRUTH 101 said...

Defend that particular part of your post I pasted then Griper.

To be fair, of which I have a reputation for, I do think you didn't mean for only the strongest to rule over the weak and not as strong. You just phrased your premise badly. I look forward to your clarification.

The Griper said...

no, truth, i don't think so.
after reading over your comments i realize that in order to defend my words i would need to convince you that i am right and you are wrong. and that is not the purpose and intent of this blog.


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