Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meet Our New Master

Well, can see from the word around the blogs that the Senate is well on its way to pounding another nail into the coffin of the free enterprise system. As the founding fathers would say it won’t be long before we’ll be calling the President “Master President” instead of “Mister President”. It sure didn’t take very long in history to go from a nation of free men who knew and understood the responsibilities that came with liberty to a nation of men who are so willing to give up that freedom to avoid the consequences of that responsibility.

I’ll have to say, “Congratulations, Master Obama, you have done a masterful job in talking the people into electing you so that you could lead us down the road to socialism. This will place you right up there on a pedestal next to FDR. You promised change and you kept your word, I’ll give you that much credit. You promised hope and the socialist that is a part of the people took that hope and ran with it. This will be a Christmas that goes down in history. Again, I congratulate you on your masterpiece of legislation”

As for the rest of you, I can only hope that this legislation wakes you up to the fact that government, by it nature of existence, is not the servant of the people you believed it to be but government is a fearful master of the people disguising itself as an obedient servant. It may appear that government is a very benevolent master at the moment, but master it still be.

Heed the words of a man who knew very well what the meaning of master was. Take his words to heart as he speaks of government and what government is. Heed them well for only your children and grandchildren will finally understand the meaning of those words by experience.

I speak no more for the deed has been done. May God forgive us for what he has bestowed upon us so freely and that we have so willingly given up so easily.


SjP said...

"Master" Obama...well that certainly congers up a historical image that causes me a significant amount of despair...

The Griper said...

hope it does to others also, me lovely.

the malcontent said...

You nailed it my friend.. Great job.

Left Coast Rebel said...

I agree, this is wonderfully put, carried at LCR. I don't think that it is over though Griper, I think that the nation has a signifigant chance at repealing EVERYTHING in this, I really believe that.

The Griper said...

oh, i agree lcr. even if it does get through to Obama it won't be a done deal until after the election, come November. that is when the people will really have their say on the matter.

TRUTH 101 said...

Although your post was well written, and I admire that most of all among fellow bloggers, it is full of hypocrisy and blasphemy Griper.

Why do you think God should forgive us for trying to guarentee health insurance for everyone?

And this particular bill which hasn't gone back to the House for reconciliation, isn't like what Obama said he was for during the campaign. He said he was for single payer as I am.

Government is the servant my friend. Only government has the scope and power to make and enforce rules that protect all society. That keep a level playing field with business and labor. That keeps our defense strong.

For all you platitudes which I admit you communicate well, the true difference between you,me, Left Coast Rebel and the other right leaning bloggers on your list is not that government is necessary or evil. Government is like a gun. It's not evil. It's the person controlling it that may be evil.

And our difference is only how much government is the right amount. Even that we would agree upon. I would out it as however much is necessary. You would say "no more than is necessary." In the end, they both mean very close to the same thing.

The Griper said...

ahhh welcome back truth and ty for the compliment if that was how you meant it.

"Government is like a gun. It's not evil. It's the person controlling it that may be evil"

government, my friend is a state of bring, nothing else. it has no objectivity of existance. it is people that rule over people. and in 100% of the governments recognized it is the minority of the people that rule over the majority of the people. it is the person in control that is the government.

without the person in control there is no such thing as government.

as for idea of how much government is the right amount. i would say only as much as the Constitution restricts its powers of rule. and that is quite different from your view of it.

jadedfellow said...

Dear Mr.Griper

It is no secret that Conservatives have been called many names by the left and the uninformed. The favorites are "Nazi," "fascist," "racist," "bigot," "alarmist," "neo-con," "mysogonist," "homophobic": you name it, we've been called it. I take those names in stride knowing full well that the historical knowledge necessary to use big words like "Nazi" and "fascist" are beyond the mental capabilities of 97.4% of libs. When they put down their coloring books and crayons, and turn off Air America or The Teletubbies, they tend to whine and whine and whine, get in touch with their feelings, eat tofu, and yell "it's not fair!" for hours on end. After all that hard work, they don't have a lot of time left to read and think and analyze -- not that they'd have the inclination to that in the first place, of course.

Real conservatives, conservatives who believe in the libertarian tenets of the Founding Fathers, believe that we the people must be protected from government. Hence, our Constitution has ten enumerated amendments that do just that: put limits on what the government cannot do to it's citizens. The Bill of Rights*, therefore, should prevent the government from interfering in my life, as long as I am law-abiding and I do not interfere with someone else's rights. Those same rights should should be granted to businesses, as well. For example. I am a smoker. I smoke cigarettes and cigars. Yes, yes, I know. They are bad for me. They cause cancer, heart disease, and storms on Jupiter. Thanks for your concern, now mind your own business. It is my choice to do this, regardless of whether it is stupid or not. That, in essence, is the heart of what America is should be. I choose to smoke. In 1998, when the former Administration (in a move that would make Tony Soprano proud) began extorting money from the tobacco companies -- legal, highly regulated, tax-paying businesses -- I told anyone who would listen that if this blackmail was allowed to happen, anything the liberals wanted to regulate was fair game: fatty burgers, french fries, coffee, donuts. Because, of course, as we are all well aware, liberals know better than we do about what's good for us. "Choice" is something liberals will give you only if it's their choice. It's OK to give the "choice" to kill unborn babies, but don't you fucken dare light that cigarette! Predictably, I was called an "alarmist," among other things, and I was told that it was us, the eeeeeevvvvil right-wingers, who wanted to control the lives of Americans. As I've written before, liberals may have the monopoly on stupidity, but they don't have a grasp on irony.

Thank you for your time. And have a marvelous day and a wonderful Holiday.


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