Thursday, October 01, 2009

New York Celebrates, I can Only Mourn.

The empire State building was lit up in the colors red and yellow to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the communist takeover in China. As I look at the picture I see nothing to celebrate. I see nothing but the sight of blood running down the face of this magnificant building.

My mind sees not the blood of those who died in wars but the blood of every man and every woman who was labeled the enemy of the state. I see the blood of those whose only crime was to oppose a certain political ideology.

The phrase, enemy of the state, is in itself an appalling phrase for it depicts a nation whose leaders believe that people have only one purpose in life. That purpose is to live for the betterment of the state instead of the state existing for the betterment of its citizens.

When I see the color of red lighting up the Empire State building, my thoughts remember the purges of Stalin and the famine causing the deaths of millions under his regime. All resulting from government attempts to force a nation into collectivism. When I see the color red lighting up the Empire state building, my thoughts remind me of Mao Tse Tung and of his purges and the famine that resulted in millions of deaths in China. All from government attempts to force a nation into a state of collectivism.

When I see the color of red my eyes see the drops of blood of those millions executed, malnourished, enslaved by Pol Pot in Cambodia as he forced his countrymen into collectives.

When I see the color of yellow the only word that comes to my mind is the word coward. What greater cowardice is there than the cowardly act of eliminating those who are diametrically opposed to a political idea that declares the illogical as being logical?

A collective State has little regard to the value of the independent individual. This has been proven time and time again throughout the history of man. It is a system that will purge the competitive spirit out of the minds and hearts of every man. When it learns it cannot do that it will purge the man himself because it knows it cannot survive as long as one man exists who is willing to oppose it.

So, celebrate New York, celebrate the life and continued existence of a corrupt system. I will mourn the death of that person whose blood was shed and will be shed and dripping down the face of this magnificant symbol of liberty so that such a system can continue to exist.


RaDena said...

I cannot for the life of me figure out why New York would find it necessary to celebrate such an awful and tragic thing, Griper. They have got to have lost any modicum of sense they had, if indeed they ever had any at all!

This is despicable!

tweetey30 said...

I dont know what to say exactly here. Many lives have been lost over the years. Not just since 911 but all the years since I can remember before that. I cant believe they are even thinking about why those colors mean so much to them. Another two colors might be awarding but not those two... Again I have no idea what I am ranting about.. LOL..

Karen Howes said...

This is despicable, Griper. A Celebration of tyranny!

Way back when, we hated communism and recognized it as a misguided, evil, and cancerous system, and we fought it.

Guess those days are over.

dcat said...

I'm on facebook with my real name and everything these days.

The loons are ousted and you pick your friends... anyway Glen Beck has a form he is asking for help to fill it out so as they can light the building for him as well! We shall see what happens!

Vote for a Glenn Beck day lighting!


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