Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Women and Sex?

Ok, guys and gals, why do women have sex? Before you answer this question you might take this little quiz . Be careful, though, guys. The answers may end up deflating a lot of egos.


Karen Howes said...

Uh... as a bargaining chip, basically. :-)

tweetey30 said...

A 45 % isnt good and I am the woman taking the quiz...LOL..YIKES!! Have missed you my friend.. Stop by sometime..

RaDena said...

LOL! I don't have a clue what women were used for the poll they took, but I also only got a 45 on their test. Two women so far who visited you scored a 45. Methinks something's wrong with the poll or else Tweety and I are both very exceptional women.

The Griper said...

ha, ha ha. i see that women are so complicated that even they don't understand each other. kinda vindicates men for not understanding you gals. lolol

RaDena said...

Griper, it was probably men who did the study. They got confused! :)

The Griper said...

hahaha, just won't let us guys off the hook for anything, will ya, radena. lol


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