Sunday, July 05, 2009

When the Odds Meet the Ends?

Anybody notice anything odd about today? There is one person who thinks that today would be a fine time to do all of your odds and ends that you’ve been putting off for so long. He’s a math teacher and the kids have given him the nick of “mathemagician.” His name be Ron Gordon. The story is here . Today just happens to be one of those quirky days when the numbers are consecutive odd numbers, 5,7,9.

I wonder how many odd people will be born today. Will they grow up to be oddities of society? May not be a criteria though, I consider myself an odd creature of society and my birth date contains even numbers.

I'll admit that I did have a few of these little odd and end jobs planned for this day, not many but a few. You might say I added one by making a post out of this. Of course, I’d consider this just a diversion from doing those little chores but I consider that as a privilege of age.


Now, here is an oddity for you today. There is a man out there who is lending out money to people and using their souls as the only collateral for the loan. The story is here. What makes it even more odd is the fact I'm posting this on a Sunday.


RaDena said...

Viktor Mirosiichenko definitely is a business man who is giving the age old "pledging of one's soul" a modern twist, but no, I wouldn't pledge my soul to anyone no matter how frivolous it sounded, and not for any amount of money.

Griper, the article of the first link you used has been removed.

My birthday falls on an odd day, October 1. I heard one of my grandmothers say once in reference to my seven-year-old-self, "She's a very odd child." So perhaps there's some truth to it. I thought my grandmother was quite odd, so her opinion didn't mean much to me. I think she thought I was odd because at age seven I could read far better than she could and I was (heaven-forbid) left-handed! :)

BB-Idaho said...

Heh, loan sharks usually want a big return, but aren't interested in mere souls ! Ya suppose he got the idea from Faust or Devil and Daniel Webster?

The Griper said...

when you think about it, by the view of some religions, that is exactly what we do when we enter into a contract with another person, pledge our souls. we usually do not think of it along those lines anymore but the meaning and purpose is still the same.

tweetey30 said...

Ok now am I odd to since my b-day is 1-25-77...LOL... Hope all is fine Talk soon.


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