Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Maryland, the Land of the Merry?

Grandpa just started laughing while he was reading some news on the computer, then grandma and I heard him say,

“Alright Maryland, the land of the Mother of the Christ, what kind of religion are you teaching the citizens of your state?

First you have a woman who is arrested twice in five hours for driving under the influence. I hope she’s not married because her husband will be going through the roof when the next auto insurance bill comes in the mail. Can just see her kids dipping into their piggy banks to get the money and going down to the jail and bailing her out too.
unneeded double shots?

Then on top of that you have a guy stopped for speeding then arrested for driving under the influence and he is caught with no pants, just a towel lying over his lap. Won’t even say what that implies. Got a boy listening who still has virgin ears. But will say that I think there is an angry husband chasing after him."
Where's the pants?

grandma just giggled.


BB-Idaho said...

"Alright Maryland, the land of the Mother of the Christ, what kind of religion are you teaching the citizens of your state?" OK, Grandpa has his tongue in cheek again. Lord Baltimore named the
colony after Henrietta Marie (Queen Mary), wife of Charles I
(a good Catholic, but hardly the Mother of Christ). Baltimore was a consumate courtier (suck up) who was more in awe of Charles I than
Cromwell's folks were. Sounds like they are still a little unique like their
colorful state flag!

The Griper said...

told grandpa what ya said BB. he just laughed. then he said "i think BB enjoys us here as we do when he visits with his little comments. then he just said, i may be perfect, boy, but not absolutely perfect. its good we have such a good friend as BB to keep us on our toes"

The Griper said...

you know, BB, reading a bit about the history of Maryland one can understand a bit of the need for the first amendement. and considering the primary reason of religious persecution as a motive for most coming here you'd have to wonder if they really understood or just arrogant in their religious beliefs.

history has a tendency to amaze one at times and, in a manner of speaking, humble a person's attitude about the past, it seems.

if nothing else it sure can bring a grin to one's face as we read it.

BB-Idaho said...

One ponders the defense attorney for the trouserless driver.."Your honor, my client, the one with only a towel over there in the docket, would like to file a claim
as his only pair were at the dry cleaners . In addition, my client would like to
butt out of the case. Dunno...:)

RaDena said...

Having had to go to court once after identifying and prosecuting a man for exposing himself while pleasuring himself (I'm trying not to be too graphic here) in front of children and who didn't even have a towel, upon reading this I thought the worst. I hope he was just a drunk and not up to what I automatically thought he was up to!

tweetey30 said...

I have never seen anyone do such stupid stuff. I have only heard of it on TV when I watched Cop's before we lost our TV. We refused to buy a converter box...

The Griper said...

one thing is for sure, BB. whoever will be his lawyer will be licking his chops thinking about the fee he'll get.

ahhh radena, your idea just showws how much we are influenced by our personal experiences. i think your thoughts of the reasons are entirely different from the one i implied in the post.

he grins as he tells tweety, remember girl without the crazy ones running around out there, we couldn't claim to be the sane ones. lol


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