Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Suggested Readings about Quizzes

Just a small post today. Saw a web page that I thought my readers should be interested in if they enjoy taking quizzes online. I think, intuitively, we all knew what was happening when we took those quizzes but I thought we would be better informed if we read it and knew for sure.

I am not vouching for the credibility of the article but I think common sense might help out on this aspect of it.

the story is hidden secrets


BB-Idaho said...

I like that I'm done with school. I'd have to agree with the article: if you get to the point where you must put in your e-mail address its best to forego the answers. I did the IQ one and received 400 spams a day for a week (which proves something about my IQ, doesn't it?!)

The Griper said...

i created a special email addy that i use online other than for personal communication or business. and use it even for business if dealing with that business for the first time. then i just let all the spam go there and let the server delete them as needed.

Karen Howes said...

Good entry, Griper. I won't give out my info to take a stupid online quiz. I too use an email addy specifically for junk email.


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