Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Glory and Honor of Our own Deeds

Grandpa and I were sitting in a couple of chairs outside the local barbershop with some friends just basking in the morning sun in silence. And, as men seem to do, each chair was resting on its hind two legs, their backs lazily up against the wall. Each man had the fingers interlaced across their bellies. I followed suit trying to act like a man.

It was one of those days when the whole town seemed to be doing nothing but this. Any sound you heard was as if it came from outside of town and in violation of the laws for this day. It was a day that time seemed to stop and all were commanded to just enjoy it. Then grandpa spoke up and though none of us moved a muscle each of us had our ear open and drinking in each of the words he spoke.

"Ahhhh, summer is right around the corner. It is that time of the year where we will swelter separating the weeds from the plants we sowed in the spring. Some of us will use hoes while others will just get down on their knees and pull the weeds up. Have often wondered why it is that we need to sow what we want to grow yet that which we don’t want to grow seems to sprout up in its place. Life itself seems to emulate this process.

It is at times like this that I think of that child newly taken from the womb in all of its innocence, a mind just waiting to have the knowledge that it needs to be planted in it. We bring it into the world knowing that the mind will end up with both junk knowledge as well as good and that there are those who will try to persuade it that the good is bad and that the bad is good. Which will be harvested and which will be left behind is what only time will tell.

Some will grow up thinking that their lives was meant to be in the hands of others while others will live knowing that only they can determine their own fate. Some will live lives content with what they have and what and who they are. Then there will be the others that can never know that contentment for there is always more to want then what they have even if that this want is for others rather than for themselves. It is just a matter of where they place their faith and hope that determines their fate.

Times I wonder what it is about people that make them think that they know better about the needs of others than what people need or deserve for themselves. Is it the arrogance of our own beliefs, as flawed as it is, or is it the feeling of guilt of having more than what another has that leads us by the nose?

I admit that my own experiences in life and the beliefs that resulted from those experiences play a big part in the asking of the questions above. However, I have never known a single man who knew what my needs were better than I did. I will also say that I am the only one that knows what he has to offer others and no man, other than myself, can claim he knows better. If that be arrogance then I cannot deny that I am arrogant.

Now, if any man is willing to stand up and say that someone else knows better than he does about his own needs and wants then let him stand where all may see him. Furthermore, I have not met a man who will say that someone else knows better than he does about what he has to offer to another. I also pray and hope I never meet that man if there be one.

No man should want more than what he has and no man should be persuaded he deserves what another has. As a famous man, a man I honor, would say 'Allow each man to know the fruits of his own labor, be they be bad or good'. For it is only by the fruits of a man’s own labor will he bask in the glory of the honor that he deserves from others. I know of no man who found honor by denying another of this glory."

With these words said a cloud passed by and denied us of the warmth of the sun as if to make a statement of its own on the subject. It was but for a moment but it was long enough to send a chill through our bones that had a shivering effect on each of us.


Im Here To Say It said...

Amen to that my good friend. I hope you are well and all is good.

Ahmed Khaled said...

People keep saying: "I am never satisfied, even when things seem to be going good for me. No matter how good things are they are never good enough for me. I can never see the positive things, but I dwell on the negative aspects of life. Is it possible that I'm just not happy with myself ?"

It's just a general case of lacking of satisfaction!


Karen Howes said...

This is the problem with our culture, my friend. We're never satisfied, never happy. This is because we look for satisfaction and happiness in things that are empty. It's like treasure hunting for dross instead of gold.

أحمد خالد said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ahmed Khaled said...

Hey Karen,
I believe that true happiness lies within you. It's not the issue of culture, life style, or whatever. It is human nature in any place and time.


Average American said...

Gee, if I didn't know better, I would have to say that Grandpa sounds an awful lot like a conservative.

Lista said...

The part of the above Post that intrigued me the most was the very last Paragraph. I wonder what others think the "Statement of its own on the Subject" was. I sort of think that this statement was that if there is anyone who knows more about what any of us needs and also has to offer then we know ourselves, that someone would be God.


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