Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Some Random Thoughts of Today?

Liberty and freedom, of the two, choose liberty.

Whether it be of money or of love, seek to earn all you possess.

It is not what a man can give away that makes him a rich person, it is what he must possess in order to give it away freely that identifies him as a rich person.

To possess love means nothing; to express love means everything.

If principles are not worth dying for, they are not worth living by.

Think as if all that you believe is the truth, speak as if all that you believe is a lie.

Handicaps are the limitations of the crippled yet all possess limitations which handicap only those who seek to be seen as crippled.

To be enslaved, all one needs to do is allow another to make his decisions for him.

The first step to failure is the fear the risks of success.

Class equality cannot exist until one understands the meaning of the superiority of the individual.

Without the reality of potential, there is no potential of reality.

It is not reality that deceives but the perception of reality that does.

To enslave another is an act of power, to enslave one’s self is an act of a coward.

Equality will only exist when society has reached its lowest level, never its highest.

We cannot control the yesterdays of our lives but we can be prepared for the tomorrows.


tweetey30 said...

Nicley said my friend.. Hope all is well.

The Griper said...

as well as can be when busy. lol

Karen Howes said...

I like you differentiate between freedom and liberty.

Great post!


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