Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Celebrate the New, Grieve for the Old?

We each know the cycle of life. We know it and we are prepared to accept it. With each birth, we know that there will be a death. We celebrate birth but grieve a death. Yet, if you would listen to some they appear to think we should be grieving a birth and celebrating a death. They wish to prevent births and then turn around and advocate that we should help others in their deaths.

It’s as if the young are not needed and the old are not wanted anymore in their eyes. What these advocates do not realize is that we bring foolishness into the world with each and every birth so that when they leave this world, they do so leaving a little wisdom behind. What value is a person’s life if there is no one to provide them with the wisdom they seek and need of life and in life? From whom are the young to learn from if the old are not there to teach them? What can they teach but foolishness if there was no one to teach them wisdom in the first place?

It may be a mother’s choice whether she should bring a life into this world and I will not argue this one way or the other. I will argue though, that it is a society that will reap the benefits or pay the consequences of her choice. The family is the foundation of any society. Its children are the cornerstones that society be dependent on for its growth.

Who am I to speak for a society? I cannot. I have no right to think I can speak for another. I can only speak of my thoughts and beliefs. To speak my thoughts is not to impose them on others. I can only speak my thoughts in hopes that there will be others who agree with them and that there be enough of us to make a difference in this society.

To speak thoughts in fear of being accused of imposing on another or being insensitive to another’s feelings brings out foolish ideas. Most of all though, it leads to words of silence when those words need to be spoken from the top of every building. There are times when a person needs to be insensitive to feelings if truth is to remain alive and vibrant.

Truth is a positive and never a negative. So, don’t come to me proclaiming a negative and then say you speak of truths. Truth is the lifeblood of any society. Truth needs to be celebrated and never grieved. Don’t come to me saying you tried speaking the truth but no one listened. You spoke to the dead and the dead cannot hear you. Speak to the living.

Speak not to convince a person that they are wrong and you are right. Speak so that you may touch the soul of another and allow the spirit of truth lead them out of the wilderness. Be a leader of men not a driver of men.

A leader of men is aware of his mistakes but is unapologetic for his focus is on the correction of that mistake that will lead him to the final goal. A driver of men can do no wrong in his own eyes and is apologetic of only those mistakes he can blame on another. Therefore, be neither a follower of men nor a driver of men. Be yourself and men will follow you.


Gayle said...

When I was younger men used to follow me even when I didn't want them too, but for a different reason, Griper. ;)

Sorry... I'm in a light mood today. Trying to keep down anxiety because of my dental appointment tomorrow.

I like the message of this post though. "To speak my thoughts is not to impose them on others." That's true, unless it is only your thoughts that others hear, as with the MSM, or in classrooms where only one point of view is given. Then it becomes indoctrination.

"They wish to prevent births and then turn around and advocate that we should help others in their deaths. I seriously doubt when such people grow old they will hold the same view when it comes to themselves! :)

The Griper said...

if men were wise, gayle, they'd still be following you and i won't reveal how dirty my mind is by saying why. :)

Lista said...

I could respond to the Abortion part of this post, but don't really feel like being that Political right now. Maybe later.

I could also respond to your comment about the Positive/Negative nature of Truth, but don't really feel like being Philosophical right now. Maybe later.

I think for now, I'll just stick with the first of my thoughts.

My first thoughts when I read your sentence, "With each birth, we know that there will be a death.", led me to think about two situations relating to Births and Deaths happening simultaneously. One is that at the exact moment in which the Mother of our Pastor's Wife died at the hospital, the bell chimed announcing someones Birth.

My favorite, though, was the Birth of our Nephew during a time in which we were attending the reception after the funeral of the Father of a friend of ours. They called the house where the reception was being held and announced the sex, weight and length and everyone present was up lifted by the news even though most of them did not know my Brother and his wife.

You know, there is one other thing that I could respond to and that is your statement, "You spoke to the dead and the dead cannot hear you. Speak to the living." This sounds like a very good word, yet if those who don't appear to be listening keep coming back to my Blog, than why do "the dead" keep continually coming back for more?

I like your statement "Be a leader of men not a driver of men." and your last paragraph is really excellent.

The Griper said...

"than why do "the dead" keep continually coming back for more?"

read the next paragraph, lista. that is the answer to your question

Lista said...

It looks like some comments came in even while I was commenting.

I smiled at Gayle's first sentence cause I know what she means. One of the things that I like about the computer is that I know that anyone who decides to like me, really does like me for who I am and not for any other reason. Not that I struggle with that as much as I did, yet I do still look just young enough for my age, that I do occasionally wonder briefly about people's motives.

I guess I still do have a pretty face, smile and hair, and well; a pretty singing voice. Not that it matters. I've always felt that that type of thing is more of an obstacle than a blessing anyway and I still wonder if as I get "Uglier" in time, will people finally start listening to me? lol. :)

Thanks, Griper, for your most recent Comment and sometimes "Being Oneself" involves Honesty even more than "Maintaining a Positive Front in order to More Effectively Persuade."


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