Monday, November 03, 2008

Tactics of Power

Grandpa explained to me his reasoning for distinguishing a difference between a radical and an extremist. That intent being to give us an added means to determine the reason behind the desire for change. One will seek change to grab power for himself. The other will seek change to distribute power differently then it exists at the present time for the good of society. With that in mind he added this.

“Now, boy, since we have distinguished a way to define radicalism from extremism let’s take a look at the means that radicalism will use to impose their views. When I talk of this, I mean the ways that is used to manipulate the thinking of the people. I use the word manipulate deliberately because the tactics used are meant to deceive and hide.

Rule # 1
Power is not only what you have but also what the enemy thinks you have.

The idea behind this rule is to instill fear. A small group can defeat a larger group by making them think you are too powerful to defeat. Moreover, you only need to instill that idea into a few minds. Once in their minds they will aid you in creating that perception into the minds of others also.

Rule #2
Never go outside the experience of your people

The reasoning behind this rule is obvious and we have all experienced it. Remain within your experience and you are confident of your ability to achieve your goals. Go outside of your experience and there is apprehension and loss of confidence, even a fear of the ability to achieve your goals. It follows from this that a wise tactic is to create a situation that forces the enemy to go outside of his experience. This would be the third rule.

Rule #4
Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules

This rule acknowledges that they do not intend to abide by the same rules of conduct. It also recognizes that abiding by all of the rules is impossible to follow. Thus, when the you are seen as breaking one of those rules it allows the enemy to create focus on it, magnifies it and garners greater support for their cause. It takes advantage of man’s imperfection. By doing this it takes the focus off of their conduct.

Rule #5
Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon

This rule is just attacking the esteem and respect of the enemy both, in their own eyes and the eyes of others, and most do not know how to counterattack this. To counterattack by using ridicule does not faze the enemy. They could care less about how they are perceived by others. They have their focus on one thing, the gaining of power.

Now, boy, these are not all of the rules but they are enough so as to make you think. Try to look in the past and see where these rules have been used and who has used them. Then tell me if they were successful in achieving the goals of their use.”


dcat said...

The assholes just better leave my life alone!!!

The Griper said...

yes, ma'am :)

Shaw Kenawe said...

Interesting post. Are you implying this has anything to do with the coming election?

Just wondering.

I feel you are being oblique.

The Griper said...

"Are you implying this has anything to do with the coming election?"

if anyone was to come to come to that conclusion based upon this post would be a committing a fallacy of logic called jumping to a conclusion.

on the other hand, if someone was to come to that conclusion and it made them think twice before voting for the man they intended on voting for, that would please me very much.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I voted in September for Obama.

As if you couldn't guess.

A bit of advice:

Should Obama win, do not despair.

We Liberals managed to live through 8 years of Bush.

And look where we are now!

PS. I'm from New England.

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, is the first place to vote in every presidential election--it went for Obama this morning 16-Obama, 5-McCain.

First time since 1968 this tiny community has gone for a Democrat.

Does it mean anything?

I honestly don't know. I am not feeling complacent or even "sure" of anything.

No matter what happens, no matter how much we disagree, we can agree on this:

We love this country.

Good luck.

The Griper said...

its not the man, shaw, i believe we have enough checks to prevent any man from attaining the ultimate goal of power.

its his attitude in regards to the federal government and its authority.

when you have a man thinking in terms of what the government "must" do instead of what the government is "allowed" to do that is a poor seed to plant.


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