Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Day That justifies Sacrifice

Well, today is the day we all have been looking forward to, that day we participate in governmental decisions. Tis that day to vote.

So, if you haven't yet, turn off that computer, get up off your duff and get to that voting booth awaiting you. I accept no excuses for not voting. Know this, any attempt to justify not voting is thrown in the trash with every other excuse. The only people who have a good reason for not voting declare that their address is the local cemetary. And from what I hear even that is becoming less of a good reason these days.
Vote as if your life depended upon it for many have given their lives and no longer can vote just so that you and I can. Men who cared whether or not we had the freedom to do so. Men who cared enough about your children so that when they grow up they will know this privilege also. Men who gave up everything in life just so we may know a day as today.
Vote, weather be damned. Vote, long lines be damned. Not voting says you hold these men and women up to contempt for their sacrifice. There are too many reasons to vote and not one reason to not vote. The world is watching and awaiting our decision on this day. Let's not disappoint them on this blessed day.



Myself said...

Look, the way I see this is that this is a war between John McCain and those that sit around helplessly whining and wanting everyone else to pay for their pathetic little lives....

Anonymous said...

Did OBAMA WIN! No wait...you meant that there's goint to be an actual election? I thought that the media already decided the out come of it for us

The Griper said...

reminds me of the Truman win over Dewey. the media had Dewey alreready winning too, didn't they?

sha said...

you mean ...if one is currently 6 feet under he/she still gets to vote huh...hehehe seen that even here at last election...but you are so very right on one point tho...it is true that the world eyes are on you guys..today the rest of the world is waiting on your decision..so your vote is important ...

BB-Idaho said...

Haven't missed an election since 1960. Long lines? Not in remote Idaho. :)

Anonymous said...

I proudly voted today for Obama. This is the one day where I actually feel heard. I agree, NO excuses to not vote! Especially if you are one of those people who like to sit around and complain about whose in office. If you ask me, you only have the right to complain if you actually do your part by voting!
(I tried to post not anonymously, but it wouldn't let me for some reason)

dcat said...

Oh I am proud to say I voted for MCcain!

I feel lots of complaining coming your way when shit hits the fan so be ready anons of loons!

Gayle said...

I voted for McCain too, but little good it did.

My take on this is that we survived Carter and we will survive Obama. It's not the time to be whining and crying in our beer! It's time to roll up our sleeves and stand by our principals and I intend to do just that. Even when the system doesn't go the way I would prefer it to go, it's still the best system in the world. The American people have spoken and the election is now a done deal, but America is not a done deal unless we give in to self-pity and give up.

Blessings, Griper.

dcat said...


"So be ready anons of loons"


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