Saturday, October 04, 2008

A house, A Home

Grandpa and I were sitting on the steps of the back porch watching grandma hanging clothes when grandpa, out of the blue, had this to say;

"I built this house but that is all it was until your grandmother made it into a home. Some will tell you that home is wherever they hang their hat. Don’t believe them, boy. It is family that turns a house into a home. A furnace will warm a house but it is the warmth of love that fills a home.

The winds of a storm may shake the very foundation of a house but it is the voices of those who live in a home that resonates for years to come. The house may give comfort whenever the rains will pour down outside. It is the tears that pour down inside that needs the comfort of those within. The stories to be told of a house are as many as the nails that hold it together, but, the stories of a home are the stories to be told and retold each day of every generation.

A man may walk away from a house for he leaves nothing but empty rooms. A man who walks away from a home leaves everything for he leaves with a broken heart. A house is built from all that a man may take from nature. A home is built from all that a man may give to another.

The cold chill of death may be a visitor but the warmth of love given and remembered will remain behind. For this is the nature of life. It is this that we cherish and hold so dear, life, family, and home.

A value and a price may be placed on a house. A home knows no value yet it be priceless. For without family to give it meaning a home is just a house, shelter from the anger of Mother Nature. Its coldness will reach into every nook and cranny.

Silence will greet the man who lives in a house. Smiles and laughter greets him who lives in a home. Food to feed the belly will be on the table for him that lives in a house. That same food will be the nourishment of the soul of he that is at home.

A bed is but a place to sleep to him that lives in a house. The bed of he, who lives in a home, is within the heart of her that makes his life worthwhile. For he knows, he is nothing without her.

So, boy, when you look at a man, look at what he possesses in his heart. Do not look at what he possesses in his pocket. For you may be looking at the richest person on this earth and never know it. For love is more precious than gold. it was with gold that this house was built but it was with love that a home was made."

I just grinned as I whispered, " I love grandma too."

Then, as if by magic, this song seemed to float on the soft breeze above us as if someone heard and wanted us to know how he felt about home also.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post as usual, Griper. There are many houses-- especially suburban "mcmansions" that are not homes.

Average American said...

One really has to pity people that live in a house. I know many, and they only think they are happy. If they knew what was missing, they wouldn't be.

The Griper said...

so very true, so very true. to not feel and know the difference is the greatest pity of all too.

msladydeborah said...

Awwww...this is a nice post.

More people should realize that is the folks inside of the house that make it feel like a home.

Too many folks are caught up in the look and the price of their dwellings. They also do not seem to enjoy their homes. Perhaps that is due to the fact that they are working really hard to keep up with the costs of having a house.

It is really a blessing to have a home. I have been fortuante enough during my lifetime to know what that feels like. I also have been blessed to make a home for my children and now for myself. It is a great feeling and I am so thankful for receiving it.

Great post.

The Griper said...

yes, people can make even a shack a home. tis a pity tho that those looking in do not see this.

BB-Idaho said...

Grandpa's "when you look at a man, look at what he possesses in his heart. Do not look at what he possesses in his pocket. For you may be looking at the richest person on this earth and never know it." is well exemplified by
this plastic surgeon with no house and thriftstore shoes:

The Griper said...

yes it does, BB. a nice article of a person who seeks to help others without fanfare also.

but it could also be seen as a man who, by his abilities, was able to give people a fishing pole also in stead of just fish.

Gayle said...

That was beautiful, Griper.

"I love grandma too." Absolutely beautiful! :)

tweetey30 said...

That makes so much sense and it hits home watching some people really. I mean you see so many people and they live in a home or apt but are they truly happy with how they are living?? More than likely not.

BB-Idaho said...

House...home. Been running through my mind and finally came to me; it was a book, a 1964 film and even a song. So, now
I wonder why we say homely and not
'housely'? :)

The Griper said...

he sits back and just laughs, boy, bb, you can come up with the damnedest ideas at times. we do use housely tho. what about "housely chores"?

home cooking always is perceived as tasting better than restaurant food.

and something homemade is always perceived as being better than anything bought.

but it does beg the question in regards to homely tho as defined as being unattractive.

we perceive those who tempt spouses to stray from their vows as home wreakers but see that big iron ball at the end of a crane as a house wreaker.

visitors are called house guests not home guests.

geez, we could sit here all day talking about how they are used differently yet talking about the same thing. then laughs again.

Lista said...

Well Griper,
You said that you wanted me to read this one and yes, it is very nice. This is why for a lot of single people, their actual home can be another place such as their favorite hang out or the church.

A treasured pet can help a house feel like a home, yet the love of family is even deeper still.

This is a very good post, Griper, and the song is very moving. It makes me think that maybe you could really use someone special in your life. I can be praying for that for you if you would like me to.


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