Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alert, Laptop owners and Users

To all my friends out there in cyberspace using laptops, I have found a site you may be very interested in, that is, if losing your laptop is a concern of yours. Any feedback on it would be appreciated not only to me, though I do not own one at this time, but I think to everyone else out there who owns a laptop. here is the website addy.


BB-Idaho said...

Hmm, if these folks have problems, us regular people are in trouble...

The Griper said...

i know i would be. i have an awful habit of setting something down then getting up and leaving it there. tis one reason i prefer desktops. btw, as i read thru that site they say it is good for desktops also. maybe i oughta d/l the program just in case my puter gets mad at me and walks off. lol

dcat said...

No problem at my end.

I have everything encrypted up the yang yang.


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